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Goal getting

I left my microphone on in the bathroom

By January 8, 2024No Comments

I once went to the toilet with my speaking microphone turned on.
The audience heard it all.

My first “employee” was someone I made up (Sally from Accounts) because I was too scared to chase up overdue bills “myself”.

I didn’t realise I had to set aside the GST portion I was adding to invoices and as a result, owed the tax office a massive amount of money. Yes, it’s been paid now.

I was a finalist for the NSW Premier’s Women of the Year and the invite said the event was at Parliament House. So, I booked flights to Canberra. Turns out the NSW Awards were in the Parliament House located in, as the name would suggest, Sydney, NEW SOUTH WALES. I wandered around Parliament House in Canberra for an HOUR before I figured it out.

Why would I share these mistakes with you?
Well, it’s January. And, hopefully, you have some big goals mapped out.

Maybe you have some big plans in place for your life.

And maybe you’re feeling a bit scared about how it’s all gonna pan out. Maybe you’re afraid you’re gonna stuff it all up.

I’m here to say this:
Maybe you will! And maybe that’s OK.

Here’s the thing: Everyone makes mistakes.

In fact, making mistakes is part of the deal.

Because the fact that you’ve made a mistake means that you’re trying. You’re ambitious. You’ve got goals. That’s something to celebrate!

Go big this year. Don’t worry about stuffing up.

And I promise I’ll share everything I can to help you get where you wanna go …. starting with a little invitation to join me inside Run with Turia, my signature running program for beginners.

I’ll teach you how to run, yes, but I’ll also teach you how to feel more confident, grow your self belief and do things you never dreamed poissible.

Sound good?

Get all the info here.

T x