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Goal getting

I don’t look anything like these people….

By March 13, 2020August 31st, 2020No Comments

Let’s backtrack a few years.

It’s 2016, and I’m in Kona, Hawaii. I’m clutching my bike, the one with the custom handles, designed to make braking and changing gears a little easier for my hands.

Around me are hundreds of the fittest people on the planet. Lean and tall, with rippling muscles – all zipped up in high performance compression lycra and wraparound sunglasses with holographic lenses. Hot, I know.

If the sartorial choices didn’t immediately spell it out, I’m at the Ironman World Championships, and I’m wondering just what the hell I’m doing here.

I don’t look anything like these people. 

But I’m one of them.

I’m competing. I am an Ironman even though I could easily tell myself I’m not.

Because there’s lots of things I’m not.

I’m not a researcher or psychologist or anthropologist …. but I’m writing a book on happiness.

I’m not confident in meetings …. but I’m a successful speaker, sharing my story with tens of thousands of people every year.

There’s lots of things you’re not, too.

You might not be fit … but you can sign up to do that trek you’ve always wanted to do.

You might not be a heel-clacking, coffee-clutching corporate boss … but you can be a successful business owner.

You might not be outgoing …. but you can run those floristry workshops you’ve been thinking about.

So, I want to know:
What’s the story you’re telling yourself?
What are you NOT?

There are always going to be goals you feel like you’re not capable of, or clubs you’re not fit, or smart, or creative, or tall, or stylish, or strong, or funny enough to join.

There’s always going to be something you’re NOT. 

But do it anyway.

Do it even though you don’t fit in.

Be it, even though “you can’t”.

“And how” you may be thinking, “do I just do it, Turia?”

Well, it’s as simple as it sounds.

If you go for a run, whether it’s around the block or around twenty blocks … you’re a runner. Your appearance, fitness, gear or technique have nothing to do with it.

If you sit down and write something, whether your kids are screaming at each other under your makeshift desk at the kitchen table, or you’re wrapped in a woollen jumper, in an isolated hut way up in the Scottish highlands, a mug of tea and a typewriter at hand…. you’re a writer.

It’s all in the doing my friend.

So, sign up for that trek, book in the date for your floral workshop, register your business name …. whatever it is you want to do, start doing it.

And keep doing it.

Because there’s something you can be, even if you think it’s something you’re not.

Turia x