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I discovered a magic cure in an airport hotel room

By January 10, 2019January 18th, 2019One Comment

Hey champ,

I arrived at the hotel late on a Sunday night.

I got my bags up to my room, ordered room service and looked at my schedule for the next day.

I had a 7:30am flight, which meant a 6:30am departure from the hotel (factoring in a 15 min walk across to the airport), meaning I had to be up at 4:30am if I wanted to be in the gym by 4:45am to squeeze in the 60 min workout in my training schedule.

Just looking at it made me feel exhausted.

So, I hopped into bed, poured myself a glass of red wine, put on an episode of The Letdown and cried a few tears of empathy for my mate Audrey (not my imaginary friend – the protagonist from the show!).

There I was, a frazzled Mum on a rare night away from her son, watching a show about another frazzled Mum!

I needed sleep. And so I thought to myself “You know what, I’m not going to train tomorrow. I’m actually going to sleep in until 6am.” #ThisIsLiving ?

Cut to 6am the next morning: 
I woke up to the sun filtering through the curtains. I felt great. Better than great – like every single cell in my body was soaked in a Feel Good solution. For real, I felt like my body was vibrating with vitality.

And the day? Well the whole day went my way. My fresh juice at breakfast was tantalisingly delicious. I smashed through a gazillion emails. My creativity was on fire and I punched out 10 years worth of content. The speech I gave in Melbourne was maybe the best experience I’ve had on stage.

So, what did I learn from this day? To get noise cancelling earphones so as to drown out the sound of my son? (as seen on The Letdown). Nah, Hakavai runs at 1000 decibels and, correct me if I’m wrong Dr. Dre, but I don’t think my Beats headphones will cancel that kind of noise! ?

Get more sleep? No sh*t Sherlock! What a genius idea! ?

But in 2019, I’m challenging everyone to get more sleep (I know, what a task master!).

And look, I know this advice isn’t easy for everyone, especially if you’re a new parent or struggle with insomnia, but if you have the option of getting more sleep – take it!

Just this once, prioritise a sleep in tomorrow morning over going to the gym or getting up early to squeeze in some other task.

When you’re well rested, everything in life gets just a little easier and a little better.

Sleep is the baseline to good health and a good life.

So prioritise it. Build a shrine to it. Start a cult devoted to it – whatever! Just get some more sleep my friend!

Turia x

One Comment