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How to predict your future

By July 11, 2018July 12th, 20186 Comments

Hey champ,

I wanna talk to you about your future … don’t worry, this ain’t a “Mum and Dad” chat, I promise! ?

But to do that, I’m gonna start by sharing a little bit of my past …. stay with me.

Before the fire, way back in 2011, I was living the life I’d always dreamed about. I was 24, fit, healthy and I’d landed my dream job working as a Mining Engineer for a prestigious diamond mine in Western Australia. I worked hard, I made good friends and every scrap of spare time was spent rock climbing, camping, swimming and exploring remote parts of Australia with Michael.

And then, one day, I entered a 100km ultramarathon.

I was just over a quarter of the way through the race when I encountered an out of control grassfire. Trapped by the flames, I suffered burns to 65% of my body.

My life was drastically changed.

I lost seven of my fingers, spent over six months undergoing excruciating rehabilitation in hospital and doctors said I would never walk, run, or be independent again.

The fire was a totally unpredictable event in my life. I mean, there’s no way I could have predicted what would happen to me or what my life would look like after it.

But that’s the case for so many of us, right?

We all grow up with certain expectations for our lives. We have dreams and aspirations – things we’re going to achieve, adventures we’re gonna have.

And then, for many of us, life happens. Things don’t go as planned.

In my case, things definitely didn’t go as I had planned!

But in 2011, lying in my hospital bed, just moments after a doctor told me I’d never run again, I didn’t predict. I made a decision. I was going to do an Ironman.

At the time, I had no idea what an Ironman even was! (I soon found out it was a gruelling one-day athletic event where you swim 3.8km, cycle 180km and run 42km – yep, hectic!). I just knew it was like the epitome of strength and fitness.

Ironman was my dream, and for the next five years, I spent every day working towards achieving it.

The best way to predict your future is to create it.

The life I’ve created, with Michael (and now Hakavai) by my side is one that constantly blows me away.

I’ve crossed two Ironman finish lines (yep, I did it!), raised over a million dollars for charity, written two bestselling books and created a thriving business. Most importantly, I get to work with people, just like you, helping them to ditch their excuses, overcome their obstacles, and achieve the things that matter most to them.

That’s why I’m so excited that the doors are open for another round of my online mindset-coaching program School of Champions!

In SOC, I share the tools and strategies I used to get from that hospital bed to where I am today.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve seen men and women come through the (virtual!) SOC doors, and leave changed.

Using the strategies I share inside the program, my SOC-ers are creating their lives exactly how they want them to be – and achieving the stuff that matters to them.

And woah, are they doing it!

Climbing Everest Base Camp, launching successful businesses, running half marathons – check out some of the stuff my SOC-ers have achieved.

It’s life-changing stuff.

In fact, I recently shared a post about School of Champions on Facebook, and one of my first round SOC-ers, Deidre, shared her story in the comments:

“In 2016, I was still learning to live with losing my parents 12 months apart (in 2014 and 2015). I had a couple of years where I’d forgotten about joy and my life’s purpose. But when I saw Turia speak at Business Chicks in 2016, I signed up for SOC (with a bit of fear + excitement) … I felt like I needed a kick up the butt to get my life moving again (spoiler alert: it worked!).

So, when I did the first couple of SOC exercises there was lots of soul searching and tears … but as the weeks progressed, I found my spark again … and the JOY in life. I chose a champy deliberately aimed at making JOY a priority. I decided to get back into Latin Ballroom dancing (which I love … but hadn’t done much for 20 years … for various reasons/excuses!). So, my champy was to “Pass my Silver medal exam in Latin Ballroom dancing by June 2017”. Well …I did it!

PLUS … the joy, satisfaction, and (re-gained) confidence in myself propelled min other areas of my life (funny that, eh!). So in 2017, I embarked on co-founding a not-for-profit in my local area which utilises lots of my skills and passions, to benefit local artists and creatives … and kick-start a new industry sector for our local economy. I ended up having a MASSIVE, fun year last year. And I trace that back to what Turia taught us in SOC.”

Pretty epic, huh?

So, if you’re ready to stop predicting your future, and start creating it, think about joining us in SOC.

I know that you have it within you to achieve absolutely anything you want and SOC is gonna be your roadmap to making it a reality.

Click here to get more info. 

If you have any questions about School of Champions, just shoot an email to and I, or someone in my team, will be in touch.

Turia x

PS – Got a friend, colleague or family member who might be interested in learning some of my strategies? Share this blog post with them – maybe you could do SOC together!


  • Meiling says:

    You have a beautiful story and you are a real inspiration for all ! Thank you for sharing it with the world.

    Continue to be strong and loving !
    All the best to your family

  • Isabela Leal says:

    Im really impressed with you. How strong pshysically and mentally you are. You inspire me. Thank you for being who you are and help others.

  • Lisa says:

    You are simply beautiful. A breath of fresh air and a mighty force of positivity. Keep being you and spreading your spirit everywhere. The world is a better place because your in it ??

  • Tanya says:

    Your awesome

  • emma dailey says:

    omg your story is so inspirational!! i literally love this! you just made my day! and to know that one thing in your life isn’t going to stop you from having a family, and living life to the fullest makes my heart smile! i hope that your life treats you well! and don’t let hate bring you down!

  • Carmen Buerkle says:

    You like many before you and after are an inspiration to all.
    There are millions of stories of survival. I also have my story full of miracles too.

    We all find different goals after we rise above our challenges. I found the mercy and love of God and my purpose of serving, being a more compassionate human being and forgiveness.

    Keep always serving and sharing your love.

    This life is temporary and short but we can make the best of it by acting more and complaining lesss.

    God bless you and your beautiful family.

    Love and admire you.