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How to create more happiness today

By September 6, 201823 Comments

Welcome to September, champ!

Because we’re in a fresh new month and a fresh new season, I thought it was good timing to have a look at some of your habits.

Specifically, your MINDSET habits.

Because, really, your attitude and approach to life is just a series of habits.
Right? Right!

If you change your habits, you’ll change your life.

Now, in my eBook Mindset Magic, there’s a whole chapter dedicated to building positive mindset-shaping habits.

And because I’m a generous lass, I thought I’d share an exercise from that chapter with you.  It’s a happiness building habit that I’d love you to try.

FYI this little exercise has been one of the most powerful strategies I’ve ever shared. Every week I’ll receive an email or two from someone who has tried it, and seen it make a massive difference in their life.

It’s super simple and super effective.

Here it is, a happiness building habit you can start today:

Each day, for the next 30 days, I want you to actively look out for five happy moments. Record them in a little notebook (nothing like putting pen to paper!) or in your notes on your phone.

Now, don’t say there are no happy moments. Look for the small stuff. A toddler laughing. A favourite tune on the radio. A stranger smiling. Your first sip of coffee in the morning.

I want you to do this every day until it becomes a habit. Do not let yourself go to bed without jotting down your five daily happy moments.

As you start building this habit, you’ll be programming your brain to actively seek happiness every single day.
Pretty cool, huh?

Remember, your mindset is yours to change.

And it’s not what you do every now and then, it’s what you do day in and day out that makes a difference.Tweet it!

OK, over to you. I’d love to know the five happy moments you’ve noticed today.

?Let me know your happy moments, in the comments below ?

Turia x

PS – I’ve got stacks more mindset switches and tools inside Mindset Magic. I love this book so much (and yeah, I know it’s lame to say that you love your own book, but I really do!!). It contains all my favourite strategies for boosting your confidence, shifting your perspective and making things happen in your life. Check it out here.


  • Leonie says:

    * Having a belly laugh while doing boxing this morn.
    * Delivery of hair products today
    * Interacting with my sons Bulldog
    * Great workout and Zen at Pilates this afternoon
    * Resting and reading ?

  • Sheri Hampson says:

    1. My younger daughter thanked me for making dinner and told me that it was really good.
    2. I had a good workout
    3. I got a message from my older daughter
    4. I applied for 3 jobs
    5. I can now make international calls to the US

  • Nanette says:

    5 happy things from today
    -Blackbird singing just before dawn.
    -Big fluffy puppies to pat.
    – Good run.
    -Hot shower.
    -That little bit of muscle tightness that says I worked hard

  • Jo says:

    1. Watching my little baby girl observing her moving hand, totally entranced.
    2. ‘Chatting’ with my baby girl and totally cracking each other up.
    3. Seeing my sis and her kids.
    4. A cup of tea and a quick read in the morning sun.
    5. Seeing my stepdad smile again because his Parkinson’s symptoms are now more manageable with a change in meds.

  • Casey Wilson says:

    Today’s happy moments 🙂

    Listening to my favorite song by The Head and the Heart on my way into work
    Getting out of my parking space with ease on trash day (when there are huge cans ALWAYS in my way!)
    Pumpkin Spice coffee with creamer…. Mmmmm
    Getting to work on time on the day my boss gets in early – bonus points!
    Finding a pair of earrings I thought I had lost – both ones!

  • Anja says:

    5 happy things from today

    1. Blue sky and sun and the mist just slowly rising from the fields when I went to work
    2. Great results at work when people asked me for a workshop
    3. Spare time after work, because my family was busy elsewhere
    4. Great opportunities in my favorite boutique
    5. Rain in the evening for my garden

  • Ali says:

    5 happy things!
    – calling a friend, supporting her decision to quit the job she struggled with so long
    – listening to a speach of an inspiring teacher about the facettes of a “present” and about being “present” WORD FUN haha
    – riding bycicle
    – walking in the rain
    – pancakes for lunch!

  • Maribel Santiago says:

    .Care to my best friend in the hospital.
    . Talk with my daughter
    .read the interesting books
    .receive the inspirational message
    .eat special food

  • Ivana says:

    My husband is well today
    He gave me a warm embrace and said he loved me; appreciates me
    2 Yo Grandson gets mega excited over a real train rolling by, kept repeating “whoo whooo”
    Rain after many dry days – tanks are full
    I’m alive and living a simple life

  • Anna Mitchell-Burley says:

    Two of my favourites today was when we was walking our dog and saw this funny pigeon (fighting or dancing) with it self in a mirror door and when a magpie just walked in to our living room demanding to be feed! ?

  • Rita says:

    * Colleague wishing me well
    * Talking to my mum in the morning
    * Hearing thunderstorm and rain overhead
    * Morning coffee walk and laughs with colleagues
    * Watching an old fantasy movie

  • Karen says:

    My 5 Happy Things

    1. Niece`s Hug
    2. An advice for my BBF
    3. I had a really nice breakfast
    4. My nap after lunch
    5. A little rain that make a cold afternoon 😀

  • Linda says:

    5 happy things today:

    Watching my little mini Schnauzer chase a lizard
    Finding my diary which I thought I had lost
    Realising I’m going to Sydney soon for a school reunion
    Finishing my marking
    Soaking up the sunlight, first real hot day for ages

  • chiara says:

    * the good music i listen to in the car on my way to work
    * the good food i can take with me everyday
    * the fact that I go for dinner later on with my parents
    * sending my grandma a message whick she appreciated
    * doing everything at my pace

  • Pascale White says:

    5 happy things today

    1. Went to Paris by train
    2. Had a nice time/chat with a friend of me
    3. Blue sky and Sun all day
    4. Had a fabulous mango/raspberry ice cream
    5. Coming back home tonight to see my sweet husband and boys

  • Maria says:

    Five happy things!

    I woke up!
    I went over my next goal.
    I looked at some recent videos of my grandson.
    I sat outside in the sunshine.
    And I booked flights for our next holiday!

  • Susy says:

    1. discovering my chooks have been stashing their eggs in a hidden nook…BINGO!
    2. Seeing Turias smile on insta…THOSE EYES!
    3. My hubbys face this morning when my grandson hopped into bed with him and said his breath stinks
    4.Springs warm breeze 17 year old daughter said that i’m her best friend (like a month ago…but I think of it daily now….)

  • Tanya says:

    1. Started a new art hobby: mosaics
    2. Had a nice evening with my choir; singing, talking, good food, sauna and swimming in the lake
    3. A choir member played the trumpet
    4. I watched a good movie; flight united 93
    5. I listened to music and danced at home

  • Cami Carvajal says:

    Such an inspiration, love it !!!

  • Andrea says:

    My happy moments of today… hug, laugh and spend time with my hubby… and reading you blog beautiful, wonderful and most inspiring lady on the net, thank you so much Turia, I can turn to your experience everytime I need strenght. Tons of love… Andrea from Chile.