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Mindset Strategies

How to actually be healthy (and no, I’m not talking about your diet)

By September 21, 2017July 10th, 201816 Comments

Hey champ,

When people sign up to receive my weekly email, I ask them to answer a couple of questions for me.*

I ask three things:

1. What is the one thing you really want to make happen for yourself this year?
2. What’s stopping you from achieving it?
3. How can I help you get there?

*This is a fairly new thing. So, if you’ve been part of the gang for a while and you want to answer these q’s too, you can do so here.

The answers to Question Two are the ones that really interest me, because the same ones pop up time and time again: Fear, anxiety, stress, self-sabotage, worry, lack of motivation, confidence….

It seems that our emotions are majorly at play when it comes to how we view ourselves and our success.

If my experiences over the past 6 years have taught me anything – it’s that our emotional health is just as important as our physical health. The way we talk to and think about ourselves, our fears, worries, anxieties and stress – it’s the most crucial barrier to success.

And it’s not just me saying this. The Former US Surgeon General (yep, the big dog himself), told  National Geographic last month that emotional pain and stress are two of the biggest health issues we face.

That’s why I’m in your inbox every week, rabbiting on about this kind of stuff and giving you tips to help shift the way you see yourself and the world.

So, I know your To Do list is full, but let’s put your emotional wellbeing back on the top of the priority list, yeah?

Below are four simple tips for building emotional health – I like to think of them as a booster shot for a positive mindset (and yes, Michael rolls his eyes at me when I say stuff like this! Haha).

Pick one of them and just try to incorporate it into your life every day this week. See if it makes a difference.

I bet it will.

1. Sleep.
Yep, the full 8 hour shindig. I am BIG on sleep. Set a bedtime and stick to it.
Also, try to power off all your devices and dim the lights in your house 60 minutes before you toddle off: light destroys melatonin, the hormone that helps you fall, and stay, asleep.

2. Move your body.
Doesn’t matter if it’s a bushwalk, roller skating, rock climbing or yoga – find a way to move your body that you enjoy and do it daily.

3. Practice gratitude.
This one’s a BIGGIE. Gratitude has changed my life in so many ways. Start with a simple practice: when you wake up in the morning, think of three things you’re grateful for. It will shift your perspective and give you a real boost for the day.

4. Spend time with people who lift you up.
I’m talking about people who inspire you, make you laugh and encourage you to grow. Stay connected to these people.

Also, if your stress or anxiety feels like it may be getting the best of you – reach out to a professional. Talking to someone can really help. Here’s a list of resources I put together for you.

In the meantime, I’d love to know: what makes you feel strong and healthy emotionally?
Let me know in the comments below.

Turia xx

PS – Know someone who could use some tips like these? Share this blog with them.
PPS – I share stacks of self-talk and gratitude activities inside my eBooks Mindset Magic and Good Selfie. Check them out!



  • Rosa says:

    I felt like I was in a bit of a rut so this year I started exercising every day for 30 minutes each morning before the kids are up. I’ve found I am a lot happier, I feel more in control of my life and I’m no longer screaming so much at the kids. Happy Mum makes a happier household.

    • Turia Pitt says:

      Exercise really is all it’s cracked up to be! Such a cool habit Rosa – really proud of you x

  • Tafleh says:

    Spending time with people who inspire me and make me laugh :-)

  • Daniella says:

    You are amazing Turia, these blogs are really helpful for me Thankyou xx.

  • Linda says:

    What makes me feel strong and healthy….hmmmm.
    I think for me it’s definitely fresh air and sunshine. Hubby and I went for a coastal walk the other weekend for around 2 1/2 hours and it was just rejuvenating and refreshing. The sea breeze, the smell of salt in the air, the ocean waves splashing on the rocks, the sound of those waves. It was invigorating and at the end of the walk we were both like…”we need to take time out and do this more often” Sometimes life gets in the way but when you feel that good after such a simple thing as walking it reminds you to take stock and reevaluate your time.

    • Turia Pitt says:

      You’re so right Linda – the simplest things really can make a big difference! Try and make it a weekly habit. T x

  • Cynthia McLarty says:

    Hi Turia. I really enjoy reading your blogs. They are so true and inspiring. Finished your book not so long ago, really enjoyed it!!! You are such a great inspiration to me and so many other people. I really wanted to read you book also as I have been contemplating doing a ironman myself. I thought reading your book would help me get the confidence to press enter!! It did, New Zealand march 2018. I am scared but excited all at the same time but training hard !! I am a 47 year old girl who once thought I was hopeless at sport, in the last 10 years I have really changed my mindset and my body and have had a amazing journey so far. The summit is an ironman !!!! Thanks for all the inspiration

  • Pauline Jones says:

    Hi Turia – firstly I’m loving everything I receive from you – pure gifts from an amazing and beautiful soul.

    Changes I have made to help me feel stronger both physically and mentally (cause I’ve been feeling ‘stuck’ for the past two years):-

    Firstly I’ve read your two books and am currently reading ‘Unmasked’ again.

    (2) Decided that 1/9/17 I was going to actually get moving so I bought a Fitbit and committed to an Adult Learn to Swim Program – (I broke my wrist 2 years ago and should have rehabilitated better as it buggered my shoulder abit – I used to be a good swimmer) I think of you doing the Ironman and kick just that bit harder when I do. When I nail the swimming I’m going to find something else to challenge myself – feeling excited.

    3) You have helped me take the pressure off myself – people have always say I’m way to hard on myself – yippppeeeee I’ve kicked that one in the butt how liberating as it leads to so much less stress, anxiety and not giving a f….. what other people think. I now find joy and satisfaction in everything I do.

    4) And finally I totally agree that ‘Gratitude’ is the big one.

    Talk about rabbitting on…….. love it.

    All the best with bubby and your Michael is such an angel xoxxo

  • Charlotte de Klerk says:

    I feel strong and healthy emotionally when I feel that I am in control of most aspects of my life be it emotionally, financially, physically, etc.

  • Beth says:


    I just wanted to thank you for being you! You are truly a special human. I am finding so much strength in reading your book ‘Unmasked’. I am challenging my self and it’s paying off. The world is truly a better place with you in it. My world in particular!

    Big love XX


  • Livia says:

    For me it os defenitely a great training session. Running Cycling, Swimming or a HIIT.

  • amy velasquez says:

    Turia. I look forward to all of your tweets and blogs. Life is way too busy and on we can slow it down. One one second one hour on day at a time. Focusing on the happiness and not the negative. Have a great day!

  • Rebecca says:

    I feel strong when I’m consistent with training, work, study, discipline, any and all of these.
    I feel emotionally healthy when I’m positive, communicating well and laughing, that way I can adapt when everything falls apart and needs a quick re jig.