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A few weeks ago Michael and I went abseiling with two of our friends, Chris and Tess.

I’d been pestering these guys to take me abseiling for so long and in the car on the way out there, I was so excited!

Then the car turned a corner and the huge cliff face came into view and I started to sh*t myself…. The cliff stood about 30 metres tall and I had no idea how I was going to a) climb up there or b) get back down.

We started the climb up the scraggy back of the rock face and even that part was so hard! I have renewed respect for rock climbers now – it takes buckets of courage and an enormous amount of strength to move your body up and across a rock face. We got to the top, strapped ourselves in to our harnesses and got ready to abseil down the 30m cliff face.

Ask anyone who has abseiled before and they’ll tell you the hardest part is that first step. And they’re right. Standing on the edge of that drop, I was absolutely sh*tting myself. Even though logically I knew I was perfectly safe, even though I knew my harness wouldn’t allow me to fall, it was still so hard to take that first step!

But I did it, and you know what? It was bloody awesome. After that first step, the rest was pretty easy.

That first step into the unknown is always so scary but most of the time it pays off in incredible ways.

“It’s a lesson I keep learning – it’s only when you get out of your comfort zone that you can grow.” Tweet it!

When you’re scared, when you’re unsure of yourself and your abilities – this is the place where you confidence and self belief can develop massively. And you know what? Like with anything – the more you stretch yourself, the better you become at adapting to uncomfortable situations.

I hope that you take every chance to step into the unknown and you have the courage to try new experiences.

Turia xx

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