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How I found myself sprawled on the floor, in a pool of sweat

By November 10, 2020No Comments

So, I’d just finished competing at the Ironman World Championships.

I was the fittest I’d ever been in my life. I’m talking one of those lean and toned, honey-limbed, sunglass-wearing triathlon types.

It was a Friday morning and I was smugly (yes, smugly) working out at my local gym.

I’d just finished up on the treadmill and had hopped onto the rowing machine, Biggie Smalls blasting in my headphones.

You know those wankers that can’t keep their eyes off themselves in the gym mirrors? Yeah, that was me.

Stroke by stroke, I started building up momentum on the rower, sweating vigorously, bopping along to the dulcet tunes, one eye trained on my reflection, my mind lost in the ego-mania of my workout daydreams.

I was Lara Croft. That guy Liam Neeson plays in Taken. A messenger for the Queen. I was rowing for my family, my country, the boys back home!!

And, then, all of a sudden, I wasn’t rowing at all.

I’d lost my balance, tried to correct but missed, and, with my feet still firmly clipped into the plastic feet of the rowing machine, I fell out of my seat, sprawled out across the floor in a sweaty pool of shame.

I’ll be clear, this is not my most embarrassing life moment.

I’ve gone to the bathroom at Westfield and walked around for a good hour with my skirt tucked into my underwear before a motherly type came up to me and let me know of my predicament.

I’ve dropped in on an extremely talented (and v. cute) surfer and ruined his board.

I’ve accidentally parked my car in a bus lane and endured an extremely loud telling off by an irate bus driver.

I’ve slipped over, had green spinach stuck in my teeth, farted in front of a group of yoga participants and a mere two weeks ago, I picked up some takeaway from a local restaurant, thanked the cashier, turned to the right and walked face first, with speed, into the glass wall of the dining area. Which I thought was the exit.

All of this to say:
You can be nailing your studies and still fail an exam.
You can win a business award and lose money on a product launch.
Or you can compete at the epitome of endurance events and still fall out of the rowing machine at your local gym.

Mistakes happen. Life is clumsy.

But the moments that embarrass you do not define you.

Turia x

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