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Hope molecules with Kelly McGonigal

By September 13, 2023No Comments

People often tell me they could never run, or they don’t see the attraction. Some even ask me why I run.

Well, it makes me feel good. And you know what, I chatted with Kelly and I’ve discovered there is science behind it (and, I love some scientific evidence).

There’s chemicals kept on our muscles. When we move, they are released. They want us to KEEP moving, so movement is rewarded. Kind of like the Fredo frog you offer the kids after a good day at swimming lessons. It’s natural to reward behaviour that is desirable, our bodies do it all on their own.

So do you want a metaphorical Fredo for your body? Then move your body. And even if you feel like you can’t, I can help. Details are below x

Do you want to find your hope molecules?

Join me! I’m gonna be breaking down the Beginner Running Basics that have helped  more than 4,000 women learn how to run (for the very first time).

I’m sharing them in a free, three-day Learn to Run challenge at the end of September.

Head here to get all the info.


And remember, it’s OK if you can’t run yet.

Give yourself permission to go slow, stop being a dickhead to yourself, and leave your ego at home.

Turia x