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Ahh, so you’re looking for some more Happy are you?

Excellent! I’ve got all the links you need.

But first, thank you!

I’m so stoked you decided to read Happy!

I’d really love to know what you think of it…. if you’d indulge me?
You can shoot me a note, or just head to Booktopia here to leave a review!

OK, now for the links you're after. Let's start here...

My morning mindset routine

A mini-course I created to help you make the most of your mornings

School of Champions

Want help chasing down a goal? School of Champions will help you make it happen!

Good Selfie

The bestselling book I wrote for kids and teens

and some more links, listed chapter by chapter....


– The prompts I use in my gratitude practice (AKA things you might be grateful for too!)

– The Spotify playlist I use to tap into gratitude.

– The gratitude letter I wrote to myself. Weird, I know, but surprisingly a really nice activity to do. I recommend it!

Paperless Post (the site I use to send thank you cards to people).

– The 5 Minute Journal Method – this is an app that makes journalling really simple and easy.

Morning Mindset Routine

– The short YouTube video that changed my life.

Sleep stories and meditations – see the Calm app.

– And of course, my morning mindset routine mini-course!


– Breathing exercises – see the Calm app breathing ‘bubble’.

Self talk

– Brene Brown’s boss talk on the gifts of imperfection.
(Oh, and while we’re at it, you should probably check our her notable TED Talk too).

– My very own self talk spin strategies. 

Hard Times

– My bad day busting flowchart

– The tool I use to open jars

– How to figure out what your strengths are.


– Ken Robinson’s extremely illuminating talk on creativity.

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