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Hakavai’s first words (probably not what you’re expecting ?)

By May 30, 2019September 2nd, 2019No Comments

Hey champ,

This letter comes with the following content warning:

I wrote this delusional conglomerate of words as a sleep deprived Mum, the night of Hakavai’s first birthday. And yes, it’s written from the perspective of my child.

I know. I know.

It’s very gratuitous.

But I thought you might enjoy this story about a day in Hakavai’s life.

So here they are, Hakavai’s first words, as um, imagined by me ?.

On the day of my birthday, we watched the red sun rise over the inky blue Pacific.

We went into town and got coffees (Mum forgot our KeepCups. I was embarrassed.) and I played with the birds.

We went to the Bogey Hole and we all went for a swim. It was cold and I didn’t like it.

Dad went to work and Mum took me for a run in the pram. She wore the sunglasses that Dad says make her look like the Terminator. Even though she looks funny, I like them because I can see my reflection in them. It’s weird.

When we go for a run, Mum always blares her techno music really loud from her speaker. I don’t mind though. I heard her tell a passerby that I was getting heavy. So were my eyelids.

It’s easy to sleep in the pram: motion + fresh air + sunlight.

I woke up to Mum smiling at me. She bent down and I had to endure her multitude of kisses.

She pushed me to the deli. I tried to pull a dog’s tail while Mum ordered a quiche, a mushroom sandwich and then a piece of chocolate cake too. She said it was for my birthday but I knew it was really because she just likes cake.

We walked to Ma’u’s house. I love Ma’u but sometimes she can be really loud.

“Maeva! Ōro’a mahana fānaura’a!”

Sometimes it hurts my ears.

Ma’u kept shovelling quiche in my face when all I really wanted was the cake.

It was a very hot day so I knew I had to water the garden. I love watering.

I filled up my watering bucket. I emptied it.

I filled it up.
I emptied it.

I filled it up.
I emptied it.

I filled it up.
I emptied it.

I filled it up.
I emptied it.

All of sudden the ground rushed away beneath me. I was in Mum’s arms and I tried to squirm and twist away and I started to cry but Mum and Ma’u just smiled at me. They put me in the pram and I heard them talking and laughing as Mum pushed me home.

Mum put me in my bed and lay down next to me and gave me a bottle and next thing I knew I was in a milk frenzy. I could not get enough.

Suddenly, I felt really sleepy.
My eyes started to close.


When I woke up Mum wasn’t there so I started crying. Where is she?

There she is! She rushes into my room and jumps into bed next to me and we cuddle. She tickles me and I laugh. She tickles me again and I laugh. She tickles me again and I laugh harder. She tickles me again harder and I laugh even harder. She tickles me even harder and I cry.

Too hard Mum. I’m only a baby.

The doorbell rings and Mum picks me up and goes to answer it. It’s Nan and Poppy! I love Poppy. He’s my favourite. (I love Nan too).

They give me things wrapped in paper. I’m interested in the paper. It makes a funny sound when you pull it! I want to keep pulling it! When you tear it, it makes a funnier scratchy sound! It’s so fun. I wonder what it tastes like. I put it in my mouth. It’s not as good as the cake.

Dad is home! Dad is walking up the stairs! Dad opens the gate! He tells me to shut the gate. I shut the gate. I want to open the gate but I can’t.

Nan and Pop walk down the stairs. Mum picks me up, we say goodbye to Nan and Poppy and Mum puts me in the car. I start to cry. I hate the car. It makes me bored. Mum puts her surfboard in the car. Dad hops in and we drive to the beach. It’s only a two minute walk from the house. Mum and Dad can be really lazy sometimes.

I see my friends at the beach. I look at the sand at the beach. There’s sand in the water too. There’s sand everywhere. When I touch it, I touch the small pieces of sand.

I’m tired. I have sand everywhere. Mum and Dad drive me home. I have an outdoor shower and try to chase spiders. Mum doesn’t let me touch them. I’m annoyed but then she picks me up and cuddles me. It’s nice and warm with my Mum.

I eat dinner ravenously. I say good night to Mr Fish on the wall, the ocean, Grandpa’s painting, and my tiny cubby house.

My room is dark and Mum gives me a bottle. I suck on it half heartedly.

I’m tired. I’m tired. I’m tired.

Turia, on behalf of Hakavai x