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Last Friday I returned to Concord Hospital in Sydney, the hospital where I was treated for my burns.

I was speaking at an event organised by my surgeon, Professor Peter Haertsch and the audience was filled with so many familiar faces – the nurses who looked after me in ICU, doctors and support staff.

It was so good to see them and it was, surprisingly, a really emotional experience. I cried a few times during my speech, which doesn’t happen that often.

I guess it was just very surreal. It felt as though I’d come full circle on my journey… there I was, talking about my experience and delivering my message to the people who helped my stay alive to do so. Like I said, surreal!

I know that I’m often considered a success story because I’ve been able to move on and achieve so much more in my life than others thought possible. But what I was struck with on Friday was the sense that I’m really a success story for the doctors and nurses who helped me recover.

These are the people that work day in and day out to save the lives of people in situations just like mine. They are tireless in their efforts to heal and infinitely talented.

It made me really proud to stand there and know that in telling my story, I’m able to highlight their talent and their success as much as mine.

Go team!

Turia xx

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