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Mindset Strategies

Need to move from stuck to unstuck? I got ya.

By November 2, 2017December 8th, 20177 Comments

Hey champ,

You know how I asked you to fill out that questionnaire? Well, I was reading through some of your responses when I noticed a word pop up over, and over, and over again:


I feel stuck in a rut. I’m stuck in a job I hate. I’m stuck in my comfort zone.

Something I think we can all relate to is that feeling of being stuck, especially stuck in worry about an issue, or stuck in fear, or stuck stressing about something.

As you guys know, my whole life philosophy is about continual improvement and progress, so ‘stuckness’ is kind of like my nemesis.

Yeah, look, Turia vs The Stuckness is not a hero/villain storyline I’m expecting Marvel to pick up anytime soon ?.
BUT I do have some pretty epic little tricks to getting unstuck, and fast.

So, today, I’m gonna share my favourite tip with you.

But first, let me paint a picture for you (not literally you goose! With my words….)

You’re going about your life, plodding away, when dun dun dunnn an issue presents itself. Whether it’s your job, your body, your relationship with yourself and others – you realise you’re not going in the direction you want. And so you start to feel stressed, or worried, or scared.

And so what do you do? You start THINKING.

And you start GOOGLING. And then you think some more, and google some more, and before you know it, you’re not just stuck in the issue, but you’re also stuck in a state of circular thoughts and stuck in an emotional response.

You’re stuck thinking about your stuckness.

Sound familiar?

When this happens, you’ve got to break the cycle.

But here’s the thing, if you want to smash the stuckness, you can’t THINK your way out.

If you want to get unstuck, don’t use your mind – use your body.Tweet it.

It’s been proven that when you make a quick and radical change in the way you breathe or move, your cortisol (a stress hormone you really only need when you’re trying to outswim a Great White) decreases, and your testosterone increases.

When these hormones balance out in this way, your body prepares your mind for action, you can make DECISIONS more easily and you find solutions more readily.

So, next time you feel stuck in fear or stress or worry, or whatever, don’t try to THINK your way out. Change your BODY instead.

Take a few deep breaths, do a power pose, run on the spot for one minute, or do 20 push ups.

It’s a simple thing, but it will help you smash through stuckness, every time.

Now, over to you, if there’s a strategy you use to help yourself get unstuck, let me know in the comments below.

Turia xx

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  • Sonam Sadani says:

    Well after reading your newsletter (which was by the way spot on as I have been feeling stuck), I googled (I know you said don’t) – how can I work with Turia Pitt.
    That was my way of feeling motivated.
    Question – What can I do to work with you Turia??

  • Lisa says:

    You are so very very right!!! I totally changed – went from stuck to unstuck by doing just what you said! I lost a large amount of weight (much needed health wise), which seemed to be a catalyst for other big changes, and I went from unhappy in my life and job, to very happy, living in another country, with an amazing new partner and a new life! It hasn’t been without its ups and downs but it has been soooo worth it!

  • You are absolutely right about doing something physical to get unstuck! I live in NYC, and just taking a brief walk outside and seeing the amazing diversity of people on the street always makes me feel better mentally. During a treadmill sessions, when I’m tired and wishing I could just quit, I sometimes get great insights. Turia, you are really good at being a motivator! Thanks for your excellent e-mails.

  • Taresha says:

    I take deep breaths. They just make everything better!:)

  • Alma says:

    Turia you’re amazing!!! This is exactly what I need. ❤ Everyday I am learning something new. Going for a walk and meditating helps reduce stress.

  • Cathleen says:

    Hey I tried the banana tip and it really works! Reminds me of a hint I read about decisions years ago “Dig a hole in another place” i.e.get a fresh perspective. Turia, you deliver!

  • Simone says:

    So true! I attended a workshop with Layne Beachley a while ago where she taught us a good one – put your tongue on the roof of your mouth and ‘shout’ STOP in your mind. It definitely breaks the cycle of negative/unhelpful thinking, as do the ones you’ve suggested – anything physical helps!