Having a bad day?

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I think there’s this false idea out there that we are supposed to be happy all the time.

But I don’t think that’s possible. Just as we have good days, we have OK days and we have bad days too. We’re not always gonna be super pumped about life!

That’s OK! But how do you tell the difference between a bad day and a more pervasively hard time?

And, more importantly, how do you get through both?

This is the kind of stuff I get asked about all the time. It’s such a common point of discussion with me that I even dedicated a whole chapter to getting through crap days and hard times in my eBook for teens, Good Selfie.

When I was getting it all clear in mind, I created a little bad day flowchart.

I found it really helpful, and I thought you might find it useful too.

It will help you figure out what you’re dealing with and give you some practical steps to take next.

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