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Feeling overwhelmed? I got ya.

By October 18, 201815 Comments

Hey champ,

Here’s a (not so) fun fact about me: I’ve always had a pretty organised mind. I love systems and spreadsheets and processes and I LOVE making things more efficient.

I guess that’s why I became an engineer.

I know, I’m cool, right? ?

But over the years, I’ve learned that this nerdy little obsession of mine is actually one of the main factors behind my success.

So often I see people give up on their goals because they get overwhelmed.

They want to lose weight so they sign up for a fancy gym near work – imagining this new life where they get up two hours earlier than they currently do, get on the bus, travel to the gym, work out, then shower and do their hair and get dressed and head to work.

But there are so many steps involved in that plan. Every morning you need gym clothes and shoes, plus you need a bag packed with your work clothes, work shoes and clean undies, and shampoo and conditioner, probably a hair dryer and maybe your make-up bag too.

Add packing a healthy lunch and snacks and suddenly your morning to do list is a complex jigsaw that needs a shitload of brain power to comprehend, all before it’s even hit 6am.

And what do we know about complexity?
It kills repetition. It makes forming a habit (aka the key to success) almost impossible.

So, let’s make things simpler.

Whatever it is that you’re working towards, use these questions to help simplify what you’re doing:

  1. How could I make this easier and simpler for myself?
    Could you go for a run around your neighbourhood instead of joining a gym? What steps can you eliminate from the process?

  2. How could I set myself up for success?
    e.g. Could you pack your bags the night before and lay out your workout gear/keys/water bottle by your bed? I used to make myself a coffee each night before bed. I wouldn’t drink it then! I’d set it next to my bed and when my alarm went off in the morning, I would skull it cold. I’m hardcore like that ?).

As a new Mum, running a business, travelling for work, and training for Coast to Coast, I am constantly asking myself the questions above.

Some days, I’ll answer those questions and realise going to the shops to buy groceries is adding too many layers of complexity into an already hectic day. So, Michael and I will eat the same meal for a few nights in a row, or we’ll be forced to get creative with what’s already in our cupboard, or we’ll re-order the same online grocery order as last week!

We’re simple people (simple, not simple-minded ok?!). And you can be a simple person too ???

Remember, complexity is the enemy of success. So, keep it simple!Tweet it!

Right, over to you.

Ask yourself those questions above and let me know your answers, in the comments below.

Turia x


  • Kelly Oliver says:

    Turia !

    You seem to know the right thing to say at the right time! Love your emails and your inspo ! xx

    Thank you ?

  • Caz says:

    I eat the same meal most nights due to a health issue. It definitely makes life simpler and i honestly do not mind at all.
    Thank you for your emails they are really helping me to feel better.

  • Lisa Pond says:

    Hmmm… I think I am already doing some of that! Well, at least for training. I pack my bag so I can go to gym straight after work because I know I will be less motivated if I go home first.

    For me, it’s diet. I can not get motivated to be more organised to eat super healthy. I don’t eat too terribly, the occasional naughty snack here and there may arise… but otherwise I’m a little half-arsed with it all. I love to eat.

  • Kerry says:

    This is great advice and I concur! I’ve tried to establish a long term exercise program for years but it never holds. I tried yoga and did it for a year or so, then stopped. Same with gym.
    At the egging on of a friend, 3 months ago I took up running. All I needed was a pair of new shoes and an app called couch to 5km and all of a sudden timing for exercise was in my control and not set by a firm schedule needing babysitters and forced motivation at a particular time. Now I go 3 times a week when I choose, barriers gone, success has increased! Don’t tell anyone, but I hate the actual running part, but it has made such a massive difference to my physical and mental health (read a book called the real happy pill… absolute winner!), that I’ve kept it up, even through holidays and other life events. I’m running an 8km fun run next week and can’t wait.
    I also managed to get a locker at work for end of trip so have just added in a cycle to work once a week as well. Again, I take a set of clothes in Friday and choose which day I feel like riding. Perfect!
    I may or may not have developed an obsession for active wear, which has more than offset what I have saved in gym membership and yoga classes……
    Great article and great advice ??

  • Keri Fuller says:

    Hi Turia
    My goal is exercise so you have given me the answer.


  • Mary BYNRE says:

    Hello Turia, Thanks for sharing these words of wisdom. They are basic, they are true and they work.
    It’s easy to feel overwhelmed. 10 things to do? Feel the weight on the shoulders already!
    How about 3 then? Now that.. I can do!
    Learning how others get things done is inspiring.
    Thanks for sharing. It’s ‘teaching’ in disguise.

  • Carie Sauders says:

    I never really considered complexity getting in my way of success. I guess I have to evaluate my life and see if I am making my goals too complex. Thank you for this post!

  • Karen says:

    Love these tips thank u! Simple steps to reduce that overwhelming/it’s all too hard feeling.

  • Alanna says:

    This is a tricky one and something I am still trying to figure out. Sometimes I think I end up trying to do too much and need to sit back and re-evaluate how much I really can do.

  • Maria says:

    Keep it sweet and simple! I get you ?

  • Brooke says:

    Dear Turia,
    Your emails are just a breath of fresh air in my inbox. Love your work and your content. This is so me, keeping it simple, working out what works for me, never comparing myself to others, make it sustainable practice. This is a great reminder, thanks for sharing.

  • Sandra says:

    This post really jumped out at me, because a couple of weeks ago I realised that I was over-complicating my exercise routine. I was getting up at 4am (I’m a FIFO worker) to get to the gym before work most mornings. That ended up leaving me over-tired and prone to catching every cough and sniffle that was doing the rounds in the office. I’ve since found a great online exercise program that I can do in my room at camp. I get back to my room after work, get changed and do my workout right away. I get a new workout to do 6 days a week, and then when I’m home on R&R I mix things up by going to reformer pilates and then going to the gym for some weight/resistance training. I’m patting myself on the back because I’ve found a routine that works for me, I’m able to really stick to it, AND still get a good (if not better) night’s sleep!

  • Lynn says:

    How could I make this easier and simpler for myself?
    I can and will eliminate-limit my time on social media to free up more needed time. And not texting, or making calls, at the start of my morning. I will wait till I’ve completed my time to self-reflect and practice yoga. That start will help me take on the overwhelming yet necessary tasks ahead of me.
    How could I set myself up for success? Routine, consistency, and practicing these healthy habits. Don’t add more tasks in my morning routine that are unimportant or mindless. Unless its to serve others in need :).

  • says:

    Agree – we all make life sooo complicated
    Simplifying is actually prioritising right?
    What am I really trying to ACHIEVE and how best to do that SIMPLY
    I read James Clear blog on habits all the time and he is big on removing barriers to sticking to habits too
    He has a new book out ‘Atomic Habits’ which I highly recommend 🙂

  • tracy rodriguez says:

    You are amazing!!! I have been pondering so many things.. Your words are definitely food for thought. I love the idea of keeping it simple. If you want to see success don’t make it complex. Awesome!