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Where do you get your energy?

By September 28, 20176 Comments

Hey champ,

Life has been busy lately. Now, wait, before you click out of this blog post, I promise I’m not writing this in some veiled attempt to make me sound like I’m super busy and therefore suuuuuper important, haha!

It’s been busy in a kind of mundane way.

Before Baby Hoskin makes an appearance (which is so soon, and very exciting!), there’s a fair amount of stuff to get done. While I’m lucky to be working on some really cool projects with some great people, my weeks have also been filled with back-to-back meetings, stacks of admin and planning how my business will operate while I’m taking some time off with the baby.

I find that it’s times like these, when the To Do list is long, and work is constant, that I find my energy slumping throughout the day.

And so I thought, I wonder if that’s happening for you too? The end of the year is creeping up, your goals for the year have a looming deadline, and your list of things to get done is growing by the day.

Am I close?

If that’s you right now, I bet your energy is fizzing out a bit too yeah?

I’ve got some tips that can help.

Now that I’m pregnant, I’m rolling with the punches a bit more when it comes to my energy. If I need a nap, I take one. But I’ve always been a pretty high energy person (just ask Michael haha! #TheManIsASaint), and over the years I’ve developed some habits that have helped me stay energetic.

So, here’s my answer to the age-old question:
“Where do you get your energy?”

….(and I’m warning you, it’s way more boring than you think)….

I sleep 8 hours every night, I work out every day, and I eat well.

Yep, I told ya, it’s one of those obvious answers that everyone hates to hear!

These three things form a really strong baseline for energy. So, if your energy is low all the time, check in with yourself. Are you getting enough sleep? Are you moving your body daily? Are you eating well?

Work on those three things first.

But, there are also a few things I do when I need an energy boost quickly, like, right now.

So, when your next afternoon slump hits, give the below tips a go!


  1. MUSIC

Those that know me, know that old school hip hop is my favourite kind of music. Blasting an old Tupac track makes me feel re-energised, uplifted and powerful. So, when I’m feeling a bit negative or low-energy, I put my headphones on, play some music and within minutes I’m feeling ready to  go.

You can tap into this too! Next time you hear a song that makes you feel good and energetic, write it down or add it to a pump up playlist. Then, next time a low energy slump hits, you’ll have a list of songs to boost you back up again.



Even doing ten squats, or going for a ten-minute jog can dramatically change your mood. Sometimes, when I’m at my desk working away on a big project or writing an eBook, I can find my energy desert me.

So, I get up and do ten quick squats or jog on the spot. It boosts my circulation, helps to reset my mind and re-wire your thinking.

I make sure that I get outdoors to move my body every day as well. A bike ride, a walk or run, Pilates – anything that gets me moving is good. I know it seems counter-intuitive but when you’re tired, sometimes working out can be a better boost than a nap!


  1. FUN

On days when music and exercise aren’t giving me the energy boost I need, I put the tools down and go do something fun.

If I’ve got a week with lots of meetings and admin (the grind-y kind of stuff), I also make sure I schedule in time for dinner with friends, or a surf, or a bushwalk with Michael.

Knowing that I have something fun planned in my week helps me stay motivated and feel energetic. Sometimes, a little fun is all you need!

Have I missed anything? Coffee/food/tango classes/miniature pony rides? Hey, whatever works right?! Let me know your favourite instant energy-boosting tips in the comments below.

Until next time,
Turia xx


PS – For all of those fans of Tip No. 2, make sure you register for Spring Cycle on October 15!

It’s a good chance for you to get outdoors, ride your way through Sydney, and get all the benefits of those feel-good, energy-boosting endorphins! There’s all kinds of rides to try, from beginner to more advanced and I’ll be there with my super pregnant belly to cheer you on! Get all the info here.



  • Leigh D says:

    Water <3

  • Annette Gibbard says:

    Because I sit at a computer all day, I can get very lethargic by the afternoon. A mid afternoon or evening walk recharges my batteries and helps with mood. I also like to do a few light weights to help with boosting energy.

  • Cloud says:

    From my ex-girlfriend who have already married and got a baby 2 years ago.But I still love her,so I started to marathon 2 years ago. Hope to have a good health so that I can help her when she come to me someday.

  • Serra says:

    Doing prayers. It is a beautiful relief, a silent worker on my body and soul.

    If the classes are over and I’m in the office, practising violin fuels me up!
    If it is early, making up a reason to walk from my office to the dept which is in fact far in the huge building.