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Do you need a mentor?

By March 8, 2018One Comment

Hey champ,

When I was growing up, my Mum wrote a book.
The day she finished, she packed it up and sent it off to a whole list of book publishing houses.

Guess what happened next?
She got rejection letters.

Ten of them.

Think about that. Ten rejection letters. That’s pretty crushing.

So, naturally, she just packed her computer away, and gave up, right?
NO! She sat back down, turned the computer on and started writing again.

She turned the space under the stairs into a little desk (a la Harry Potter) and got to work.

I can distinctly remember falling asleep to the sound of her fingers tapping away at the keyboard every night.

I might add, just because it blows me away now that I have the perspective of a Mum, but she did this while she had four young kids to care for AND a full time job!

That second book was picked up by a publisher and became an International Bestseller. It was published in nine languages and in fourteen countries.

Now, I’m not sharing this story to encourage you to  “pick yourself up and try again”. That’ll be next week’s message! ?

I’m sharing this today because I want every woman reading this to know that the things you dream about are possible – and that you owe it to yourself to make it happen.

My Mum showed me this.

I’m so lucky to have had mentors like my Mum, my Grandmother (a strong woman with sharp business acumen who showed me what financial independence looks like), and my aunt Terri (an Indigenous entrepreneur who is killing it with her business).

We all need mentors that show us what is possible.

After all, you can’t be what you can’t see. Tweet it!

And I think the onus is firmly on us to be mentors for others too.

How do you do that?
You lead by example, and you achieve the things that matter to you.
You make time for other women and encourage them on their journey.
And as you’re moving up the ladder, whatever that ladder may be, know that it’s your responsibility to reach behind and bring more women up with you.

Be a mentor – for yourself and others.

Happy International Women’s Day,
Turia xx

PS – If you’re looking for a mentor, I’ve got great news.
I’m stoked to be part of the Women United Mentor Program. As part of the program, four women will be matched up with a mentor – the likes of which include Foreign Minister The Hon Julie Bishop MP, Janine Allis, Tiffiny Hall and me! Pretty epic, huh? You can apply to be part of the program here.

One Comment

  • sai says:

    Really having a mentor or guide in your career will surely helps you in all prospect, sometimes we need them in choosing the right direction where we are getting confused, they support us, encourage us and help in every kind of situation that we do face in our career path. Thanks a lot for sharing a provoking article!