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Do you ever get this question?

By June 13, 2019September 2nd, 2019No Comments

“So, what does Pitty actually do?”

“Oh, you know, like she’s on Instagram a fair bit, and she um, teaches people stuff? And speaks. You know.”

For years, I’ve listened to my friends and family struggle to explain what I do for work.

I get it. Cos, what I do is weird. It’s hard to explain.

But I thought maybe you might also wanna know how I spend my days!

So, today’s letter is for you, my Mum, Michael, and anyone else who thinks my job is to walk down hotel corridors in long velvet jackets as long as I post about it on Instagram (which, obviously, I do, but am yet to be paid for. Anyone? ?).

This is how I spend my time:

  1. I teach an incredible mindset course.
    It’s called School of Champions and it walks people through my goal getting process. Thousands have graduated from the school, and working with them through their breakthroughs, triumphs and hard times is the best part of my work.
  2. I write books, I write blogs, I write speeches.
    I love writing but sometimes my inner critic can be a bitch (Are you sure you’re not going to alienate half your audience by saying you’re not enthralled with jam? Will anyone even read this drivel?!).

    Side note: I’m writing a lotttttt at the moment. Why? Because …. (drumroll please)…. I’m working on my next book! I’m calling it ‘Happy’, and as that working title would suggest (clever marketing, I know), it’s about happiness.
    Yes, that is a big subject, thank you for noticing! But I’m really excited about it. I’m interviewing some incredible people, and am falling down many research rabbit holes, emerging days later with dirt and balls of fluff in my hair and a rabid expression in my eyes. Cute!
    It won’t be out for a while yet (if my dogged avoidance of my publisher’s deadlines has anything to do with it) so if there’s something YOU want to know about happiness, let me know! I’d be very happy to shimmy back down one of those aforementioned rabbit holes for you. Hit reply to this letter and let me know your q’s!

  3. I write this weekly letter – yes, the one you’re reading right now!!
    The letters I send you are, hands down, my favourite thing to write. More than 50,000 people read them and that amazes me and thrills me. Thank you for letting me in to your inbox, champ. I really love being here ?
  4. I make cool videos of me doing cool stuff (running, surfing, opening jars, walking down hallways, that kind of thing).
  5. I partner with some amazing brands whose work and products I believe in.
    They support me to do cool stuff and take on big challenges – like the Ironman World Championships, Kathmandu Coast to Coast, traveling to a little village in the south of France on behalf of Avène. It’s a massive privilege, one I don’t take lightly.
  6. I talk about happiness and resilience at events and conferences.
  7. I help to raise money for Interplast.

I don’t do all of the above by myself. I work with four ladies (Grace, Mel, Kristen and Amanda) who help me with things like copy (writing!), managing partnerships, making sure there’s ample velvet etc etc.

I started my career as a Mining Engineer, so this new world of business I’m in is completely strange to me, but I wouldn’t change it for anything. I love building my business and I love creating books and programs that actually help people become happier and more confident. It’s real, and it’s unreal all at once.

So, that’s me.

What about you?
How do you spend your days?

Hit reply and tell me!

Oh, and I meant what I said above, I’d really love to know what q’s you have about happiness!

Let me know if there’s something you’d like me to explore.

Big love,
Turia xx