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We’re disconnecting for a few weeks, this is why…

By June 22, 20179 Comments

Hey legend,

Thank you so much for your support following our big announcement last week. Michael and I are truly blown away by the love and support out there – Baby Hoskin is one lucky little kid!

I’m absolutely frothing today because Michael and I are heading off on a holiday tomorrow!

It’s the first proper holiday we’ll have taken in a couple of years and I can’t wait. We’re heading to Namibia, where we’re meeting a few friends and going on safari, travelling deep into the desert for a few weeks.

I’m really looking forward to the opportunity to just switch off for a while.

It’s kind of amazing what happens when you disconnect.

Life is busy. I get it. We’re always firing off emails, scrolling through the ‘gram and getting through our growing To Do list.

There’s nothing wrong with being busy. I really do love grinding away in my business, making progress and setting new benchmarks for myself.

But there’s a big difference between working IN your life and working ON your life. – Tweet it!

I always find that my best ideas come to me when I take time out.

When you’re not stuck in the everyday detail, you can see the bigger picture of your life more clearly. You can the ask the big questions and have the space to answer them: What do I want? What do I need to create? How do I want to feel?

So, I wanna know, how soon can you take some time out?

Can you book in a weekend where you can fully unplug, disconnect and recharge? Can you take a day off and go on a little road trip? Or can you turn off your phone for one whole evening? Remember, sometimes close enough is good enough.

And if you are planning to unplug soon, here’s my one big tip:
Organise to be disconnected.

Put an out-of-office on your email, set up voicemail on your phone, pay your bills or put a hold on gym payments and other bills, ask the neighbours to water your plants – whatever you can do now to minimise the stress of being away, do it.

Me? I’ve spent the last week getting as organised as possible. This is my opportunity to connect with Michael, explore a new part of the world and have some space to think more clearly about what the future holds. It’s important to me, so I’ve prioritised it and made plans for it to be as stress free as it possibly can be.

On that note, I better go – I’ve got a few last minute things to organise before we head off.

But, before I go, I want to know if you’ve disconnected lately and what you learnt as a result.
I’d also love to know what tips you have for making your unplug as stress-free as possible.

Let me know in the comments below.

Turia xx

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  • Jeanine Leyshon says:

    I’ve deactivated Facebook because it was so time consuming and I haven’t missed it. I still have Insta but limit the looking and unfollowed heaps. I always have the phone on do not disturb overnight, except for immediate family. Feels good. Have a lovely holiday, my love to Michael xo

  • Tina Sanderson says:

    Enjoy the moment ❤️

  • KJ says:

    Stoked to hear your taking some time out and to Namibia of all places, can’t wait to see the photos you put up I’ll be there myself in 8 weeks time for a 5 week safari.
    Enjoy yourselves, your more than deserve it xx

  • Christian says:

    Hi Turia, we are on the same page as starting next week (for three weeks) I’m disconnecting from parts of the insane tech dominated world we all now live in. A recent comment I heard summed it up for me: “I have a lot of things to do, but social media and the Internet are stopping me from doing it.” So I’ll be switching off work emails, no Facebook and making my interactions to the Internet have a purpose. Ed Sheeran has discussed in several interviews how he is no longer on social media and just uses email. I’m hoping the three weeks will change habits.

  • Sandra says:

    Dear Turia,

    I’ve started to disconnect from everything ever since I got my Siberian Huskies.
    While I’m always with them as I work as a freelancer and therefore from home, I’m also incredibly busy most of the time.
    Sure, I take enough time out of the day to walk them and care for them, but it’s not the same as turning off your phone, heading into the woods or the mountains, and just be.

    In the beginning it was a difficult thing for me to do because – what if – someone needed something? I’m also helping out somewhere or someone and I love being there for my friends, but I came to realise that I do need that time to recharge.
    And that my dogs deserve that quality time as well.

    So once a week off we go on one of our adventures, exploring the world and forgetting all about it at the same time.
    And if we get the chance we go on vacation for a week or two and then the phone only gets turned on here and there to check in with my grandparents (as they aren’t on top of their game healthwise) and the rest of the time we are chasing waves or sunsets, sometimes even sunrises.

    It felt weird in the beginning to leave everyone behind, but I came to realise that I do deserve it. We deserve it. All of us do.

    Time off looks different for everyone. I think the most important thing is to do what you love, to be with whom you love and just be. Breathe. Enjoy life.
    Reconnect with yourself, with the earth and recharge.

    On that note…have a great time and vacation in Namibia.
    Have lots of fun and create beautiful memories.

    Much love to you and Michael,

  • Linda Herley says:

    Hi Turia
    I have deactivated FB a few times. I have enjoyed the time away from it. I still have used Instagram though! I actually am on it less once I reactivate it.
    Enjoy your holiday and your time away from technology and enjoy the scenery.
    Congratulations to Michael and yourself on your baby news. How exciting for you both!

  • Nicola Carruthers says:

    Hi guys!
    I’m over the moon the little one is on the way!!! ??
    I’m completely disconnecting for a couple of weeks in Bali & re connecting with my sons who I don’t see that often now they are 23 & 18!
    Enjoy this lovely time in your lives & you both will be amazing parents!
    Sending you all my love!! ❤️

  • Catherine Kershaw says:

    Hey Guys
    So thrilled to hear your wonderful news. You both will be fantastic parents.
    Recently hubby (Tim) and I went to the Cook Islands where we were able to unplug and re-connect. It was awesome. We weren’t checking FB or emails every 5 minutes or so as our Internet was limited.
    Enjoy your holiday… relax, take in the sites & laugh lots
    Cant wait to hear about your adventures
    Cheers Cath

  • Abbey says:

    You are truely amazing xx