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Mindset Strategies

How to shut down your inner critic

By July 10, 2023June 18th, 2024No Comments

​​Have you noticed that when you’re tired, your inner critic gets louder?

You know – that little voice in your head that tells you you’re not fit enough for that gym class, young enough to do that workshop, or that you don’t look enough like a runner to join a running program?

That’s your inner critic.

And when your plate is a little fuller than usual, or someone in your family is sick or everyone is sick… that’s usually when your inner critic grabs the mic and turns the volume UP.

A few weeks ago, I shared some quick things I do to fix this with the crew inside Run with Turia (my running program for Mums).

In fact, I actually dedicate a whole mindset module of the program to the inner critic and how to shut her down.

Thought you might find them helpful too.

  1. I make a point of getting dressed every morning.
    Sounds ridiculous and basic, I know, but putting on a bright, colourful top or a fun dress really does make me feel better.
  2. I go for a run.
    Yes, you were expecting that answer haha! But even when I really don’t want to do it, or when I just feel too tired to go, it ALWAYS makes me feel better.

    And if my motivation is super low, I use the Five Minute Rule. All I have to do is put on my joggers and get out the door. If, after five minutes, I’m still not feeling it, I can come home! But nine times out of ten, once I’m out actually doing it, I keep going.

    So, give yourself five minutes before you give up.
    Oh, and a hot tip: this works for most things you’re putting off by the way!
  3. I talk to myself the way I talk to my kids.
    If my kids were feeling a bit flat, or were worried about reaching their goal, what would I tell them? And how can I speak like that to myself?

I’d never tell my kids, yeah you’re right, you have let your fitness go. You are a sad loser. I’d say “awesome, today is a new day. Let’s have a go and see what we can do”.

I hope these tips help you, my friend.

T x