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How to finish the year with a clean slate

By August 12, 2019August 19th, 20195 Comments

OK, somehow, it’s August already.

Actually we’re 13 days in, but who’s counting? (Me, I’m counting).

This year is speeding by.

And people keep telling me that they feel really overwhelmed. That work is busier than ever, that their to do lists have piled up and that the personal projects and goals they set up in January feel harder, and further away, than ever.

You feeling that way too?

So, why don’t we wipe the slate clean, yeah?


Excellent. Because I’m bringing back my Clean Slate Series! Yewww!

Here’s how it works:

Starting next Monday (August 19) I’ll send out three emails – to anyone who wants them. Each will contain a new activity to complete.

They’re designed to do, well, exactly what the title suggests – wipe the slate clean!

Think of it like a mini-guide to help you take a breath, get some SPACE back into your life and set you up for a win before the year ends.

At the end of the three days, you’re gonna know how to:

  1. Figure out what projects and goals you actually want to spend your time on (and how to dump the rest from your To Do list)
  2. Get clear on which habits to build and which ones you need to let go of, and;
  3. Create more space and drive i.e. learn how to say NO more often!

So, if you started to Marie Kondo your room back in February, but gave up when the idea of packing up all your old clothes brought you less joy, than, um, keeping them in a pile on your bedroom floor, this series is for you.

All you have to do is pop your name and email address in the form below and I’ll be in touch to kick things off.

It starts Monday, August 19, so get cracking!

Turia xx

When one door closes, another one swings wide open!

Uh oh, the doors to my Clean Slate Series are now closed.

But, I have opened enrolments to School of Champions! It’s an online program I developed a few years ago to give people the tools and, most importantly, the support they need to achieve the stuff that really matters to them. It’s helped thousands of people, and I reckon it could help you too.

I’m taking enrolments for the last intake of 2019 now. Get all the info here.