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How to start 2018 with a clean slate

By January 11, 2018August 12th, 201974 Comments

Hey champ!

Want to start 2018 with some clarity, motivation and focus?

Well, have I got a challenge for you.

See, I bet that even if you’re not a ‘New Years Resolution’ kind of person, there’s still a number of things you’d like to achieve this year. But every year, I meet thousands of people who tell me that they just can’t quite create the things they want for themselves.

I think the reason for that is pretty simple.

You can’t achieve the things you want without the right mindset.
And it’s hard to get the right mindset when you’re surrounded by all the baggage of failed past resolutions and goals, and limiting habits and relationships.

That’s what my Clean Slate Challenge will help you to do – wipe the slate clean of some of that stuff getting in your way.

Over three days, I’m gonna help you figure out:

  • What makes you feel motivated (and how to clear your life of the stuff that doesn’t)
  • The people and relationships that fuel you in a positive way (and how to step back from the relationships that don’t), and;
  • What it is you really DO want to achieve (and how to let go of the stuff that doesn’t work for you)

At the end, you’ll be feeling fresh, clean and focused.

OK, ready to wipe that slate clean, power into 2018 and make some good stuff happen in your life?

All you have to do is pop your name and email address in the form below and I’ll be in touch to kick things off.


The challenge starts Wednesday, Jan 17th, so get cracking!

Bring on that clean slate,

Turia xx

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