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Well, it’s been a hectic few weeks for me! I’ve been touring Australia with the legends at Business Chicks, I was on The Project last week chatting about my Ironman training  and I’ve also been working my butt off on my new School of Champions program which launches this July!

(A quick note for Business Chicks chicks: I’m seriously overwhelmed by your response to the School of Champions so far and I can’t wait to get started with you all! If you missed out on speaking to me about it, check out the details here.

I also listened to a really interesting podcast series last week: NPR’s Invisibilia. One episode, How To Become Batman was fascinating.

It really opened my eyes to the limiting effect our expectations have on others. You know, if we expect that a blind man can’t see, he never will (listen to the podcast for that one!). If we expect that our colleague can’t or won’t run a marathon, she never will.

How we perceive other peoples abilities can change how they behave. A reminder to get your grey matter working in the right ways!

“How we perceive other peoples abilities can change how they behave – have great expectations!” – Tweet it!

Until next time, keep kicking goals!

Turia xx

ps are you subscribed to my newsletter? (If you’re not, you can sign up here). If you are, you might remember that manta ray I saw when diving in the Maldives? The one that I thought was part of an #alienconspiracy? Well, I heard back from the Manta Ray Research Centre …. turns out it wasn’t giving birth to an alien. Apparently it’s just standard manta ray behaviour to push your intestines inside out so little fish can clean them! Gross, huh?!