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You’re in!

Here’s what happens next:

I’m so stoked you’ve signed up for my Beginner’s Bootcamp!

We start on February 4.

Here’s what to do now:

  1. Look out for two emails from me.
    One will be your welcome email and the other will contain your login details to Kajabi – our private learning area.Haven’t got them? Shoot a note to and we’ll get you sorted ASAP!
  2. Join our Facebook group.
    This awesome community is just for you and the other women learning how to run with you. It’s an epic little group where I’ll be hanging out every day, ready to support you throughout this challenge!
    Join the group here.
  3. Register for our Bootcamp Masterclass.
    On February 7, I’ll be hosting a masterclass exclusively for our Bootcamp crew.
    I’ll be consolidating all of the lessons from our three days together and giving you some solid advice on what to do next. It’s a must-attend and the best way to end our time together.
    Register here.