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Are you guilty of this?

By June 21, 201812 Comments

Hey champ,

Wanna know what stops most people from achieving their goals?

This sentence:

“I don’t feel like it”.

Whether it’s getting up early on a cold morning to work out, or sitting down to work on your novel after a long day of work, parent/teacher interviews and a never ending pile of laundry  – you’re not always going to feel like working towards your goals.

But here’s something you should know: how you feel is not set in stone.

You can change how you feel at any time!

People often assume that I must always be really motivated and want to train and work on my business all the time. Of course that’s not true! I love what I do, and I love working towards my ambitions – but I don’t wake up every morning with natural energy and enthusiasm.

I have to work on changing the way I feel all the time.

The good news is that there are plenty of ways to do this.

You can set intentions, you can engage in positive self talk, you can move your body and get a bit sweaty. But the tip I want to share with you today is an ultra simple one. You can do this anytime and anywhere, and it will help you shift the way you feel:


Whenever I need to pump myself up before I train, or whenever I need to focus on my work – I choose music that puts me in the right mood.

Before a run, I listen to old school hip hop like 2Pac.

For work, I like calm, focused, lyric-less music (I use a sound app called Brain FM, it’s genius and always helps me focus). Before I speak to a large crowd, I listen to uplifting songs that help me feel grateful and engaged. First thing in the morning, I put on upbeat pop.

Music can change your mood, your perspective and your energy. Use it to your advantage.Tweet it!

Here’s what I want you to do:

  1. Think of something you need to do regularly, but don’t always feel like doing.

  2. Then, think of how you want to feel while doing that activity – the feeling that will make that activity easier, and more impactful.

  3. Then, choose music that helps you connect to that feeling.

  4. Next time you need to do that activity, play the music that will help you create the feeling you’re after.

Simple, huh?

To get you started, I thought I’d share two of my Spotify playlists with you.

  1. My pump up playlist (be warned, there is plenty of explicit language in this one!

  2. My gratitude playlist.

Now, over to you, I wanna hear what songs put you in the right frame of mind, and create the feeling required to work on your goals. Let me know in the comments below.

We can create one massive playlist together! Yeww!

Alright, that’s it from me.

Go play some tunes and I’ll be in touch next week with more strategies and tips for getting sh*t done and living a kickass life.

Turia xx


  • Betty says:

    Hey Turia! Makes perfect sense, and I definitely use music to get me in the mood for exercise, but haven’t really used it for work or other goals…
    Start of my running playlist, every time, is Zara Larsson Lush Life. Perfect rhythm for starting off a run too! Yay!
    Loving your emails xx

    • Clemence says:

      Thanks for reminding me to use music more often. I love it but I do not think about it. I feel like when I don’t feel like it I do not feel like doing anything – even listening to music. I guess I need to force myself for a while before it becomes natural.
      Thank you for the playlists.
      Two songs I love are Young Blood, by Birdy ; and This is Me by Keala Settle.


  • Alana Young says:

    Great blog post. For something that is as simple and effective as music you’d think I’d use it more…
    I have found music to have a big impact on my mood and mood of my family. One example is Born This Way by Lady Gaga. It’s my running song. Every time I hear it, it pumps me. I want to run or dance or just workout.

  • Lorraine says:

    Izzy bizu.. talking to you !! Or white tiger.

    Picture this ! Take my hand

    Hooked on a feeling blue swede

  • Neen says:

    Hey Turia,
    This article is 100% me, music has the power to inspire me, relax me, energise me & make me feel happy/sad!
    Music is awesome xx

  • Vanessa says:

    Thanks so much for this great blog post. It definitely resonated and could not have come at a better time in my life. I’m generally so goal oriented in every aspect of my life except for exercise at the moment. I feel allergic to the idea, despite wanting to get into it. But, after reading your post I have set up a new running playlist. I’ve appropriately titled the playlist ‘Is this the thing?’ –

  • Sara says:

    This blog arrived at the perfect time! I’m struggling to motivate myself, both in my business and at home with housework. I’m good with exercise, I stick to my plan and love it – I usually have good music or a podcast on. It didn’t occur to me to use music as a motivator at home too, housework would be so much more fun with tunes blaring out. Thank you for yet another blog that hit home and helps to change my perception!

  • Carmi says:

    Hey Turia !

    Music is part of people’s everyday life and will forever be. This article is totally applicable to everyone who listens to music everyday. When I am in a happy-to-go lucky mood, I like pop and up beat music such as Fifth Harmony, 5SOS (big fan!) and Selena Gomez. Other artists that is worth recommending are Shawn Mendes and Imagine Dragons ! When we have a braai (barbecue in South Africa), we usually listen to Afrikaans song which is also great ! My Gym music usually consist of anything up beat, as I have mentioned before. Ed Sheeran usually appears on my playlist when I have a bit of a “down” day. His songs really reminds me to stop sulking over my problems and to remember life is still beautiful.

    Thank you for your emails ! They really do inspire me ! xx

  • Cathleen says:

    Some oldies that still get me fired up:
    Playing to Win (John Farnham), It’s My Life and Living on a Prayer (Bon Jovi), and Anyway You Want It (Rock of Ages).
    Quieter ones I like are:
    Where is the love? (Black Eyed Peas), I Can See Clearly Now (Cool Runnings – awesome movie) and anything from The Lion King!

  • Clemence says:

    Thank you for reminding me to listen to music. It makes my soul vibrates from every corner. I really need to force myself a little. I know I love the feeling after :) thank you!! I am moving to Canada in August and I know this will be the right place for me to shine, so thank you for giving me reminders of all the tools I have to do so.
    My two songs of the moment to put me in the mood are Young Blood by Birdy and This is Me by Keala Settle.

  • Susan says:

    Thank you for this.. I feel I live in this space permanently, wanting to get up and go but having zero motivation ? I am definitely going to try this with music. ?

  • Dani says:

    I’m really enjoying the playlist you shared when you’re focussing on your work Turia, it’s now my playlist too for time in front of the computer…. It’s fab and thanks for sharing it, I’m in the zone, feeling pumped about achievements and possibilities.