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Are you falling into this trap?

By June 14, 201816 Comments

Hey champ,

Wanna know one of the most common reasons people don’t achieve their goals?

It’s not lack of willpower or want to change – though those things can be an issue too.

One of the biggest thieves of success is something far simpler and much more sinister.
*Geez, cue the creepy music, I’m gonna turn this into a thriller*

So, shall we name this thief?



Not just the inane type (though Candy Crush notifications, emails, and Instagram stories can certainly steal your time and focus), I’m talking about getting distracted by other goals, dreams and ideas.

Maybe you’ve started a new project, you’re gonna write a novel! And you start writing every day, and you’re talking about your book, and then slowly, after a few weeks, the monotony of actually realising that dream – actually writing the damn book – starts to drag and suddenly you think “That’s right, why am I wasting my time on this book, when it’s martial arts that I really want to focus my energy on?!”.

And suddenly you’re signing up for a jiu-jitsu class, and working at that … until the next idea, dream or goal pops up and grabs your attention.

This is so common.

I see it all the time.

And it’s not necessarily a bad thing. If this has been you in the past, that’s ok – you’re trying new things, getting outside your comfort zone and taking part in projects you enjoy.

But, if you really want to achieve something, you need to figure out how to eliminate distractions like that.

Lucky for you, I’ve got a tip for doing just that.

It’s called the 5/25 rule, and it was developed by Warren Buffet – you know, the business maestro.

According to business legend (is that a thing?), the rule came out of advice he gave to his airline pilot.  The idea is that you write a list of the 25 things you most want to achieve. They can be all your career goals, or personal goals, or a mix of both.

Then, you need to circle the top five – the five things you want to achieve the most.

But, here’s the trick, the idea is not just to identify those top five, but to identify the other 20. Because those are the real problem. They’re the distractions!

They’re the things you want to do just enough that they’ll distract you from achieving your top five.

So today, that’s what I want you to do.

I want you to sit down, write your list, circle your top five, and then take a pen and cross out everything else on that list.

Give yourself the focus and commitment to your top five dreams and ideas, by saying a big, fat NO to the other 20.

If you’re serious about making change in your life, you’ve gotta delete your distractions. – Tweet it!

Let me know if you’ve tried this tip before, or if you’re gonna give it a crack now, in the comments below.

I’d love to hear from you.

Turia xx


  • Betty Poczman says:

    It’s not so much as distractions but a lack of focus. I think and say I am going to do what I want to do but it just doesn’t work or happen. Okay maybe you’re right it could be a distraction. Would love to know how to get rid of it despite knowing my main goals. How do I get more focus? Do I do more research or just plainly get on with it?
    Those are my thoughts Turia. Hope you have a great day
    Betty Poczman

  • Cadence says:

    This is such a great idea! Can’t wait to give it a crack??

  • I am definitely going to give this a go! I am sure of my main goals but have so many darned interests (but also a lot of friends here who don’t work – so don’t understand my need for focus or take my working from home seriously enough!). I am the one who needs to sort those distractions out!

  • Cherie Davis says:

    Cant wait to give this a go ..thank you for the idea in your email .. can i just say ur a inspirational person and you inspire me in may ways

  • Steve says:

    Hahaha, that’s EXACTLY me – I want to write my novel but I ALSO want to learn Krav Maga AND the Thriller dance. Am definitely going to do this and put into action, thanks!

  • Alaa says:

    Thanks a lot Turia for this great article! Actually this is so me and I really feel exhausted from chasing my more than 10 dreams and jump between them without achieving any. So, I’ll definitely give your suggestion a try!
    Have a nice day!

  • Fantastic advice, thanks so much Turia!

  • Louise Tingate says:

    That’s so me! 100 things stealing my focus!

  • Mollie says:

    Definitely going to give this a crack, should help me focus on the last few months of my degree!

  • Thank you so much for sharing. I use this not only for myself but also for others!

  • Jennifer says:

    I loved your email, as always. I never finish anything. I’m the worst. It took all night and all morning, but I drafted a massive list of goals and then selected my top 5. I have a ton of ideas, and I’ve been meaning to specifically focus on just a few goals for awhile. (Focus was my 2017 theme word. That didn’t happen.) I think it’s a game changer to commit to NOT doing the other 255 things on the list.

  • Samar says:

    It makes good sense to what i’m passing through at this phase of life, I will try that. Thank you Turia for the good tip! With Love, Samar, From Egypt

  • John says:

    This is such a great thing for me to do! I’m scared because I don’t want to give up the 20 but I know that I have to do it.

  • Angela Cheyne says:

    Wow. I can’t wait to try this. So simple, yet powerful. I plan to make this list visible in my house to help keep me on track (for times that I am being distracted by Tim-Tams, re-organising the linen closet for the 3rd time that week, or googling how to clean grout from tiles – sorry, these things are NOT in my top 5!)

  • Barbara says:

    I love this! I joined your list today and started to read your blog and received the first letter. Finally real tips and advice from a super woman who has been through so much. Thank you!! Xxx

  • Mette Klitmøller says:

    Ohe Turist – are you talking about me? Course, that’s soooo much me! I will write that list!
    Thanks Turia for inspiration.