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My morning mindset routine

By August 2, 2018August 9th, 201847 Comments

Hey champ,

If you’ve been anywhere near Instagram, Facebook or YouTube in the last five years, you’ll know that the world is inundated with videos about ‘Morning Makeup Routines’ or ‘5 minute skin care regimes’.

We’re so comfortable talking about our beauty routines, our fitness routines, even our work routines!

But, I wanna know, what’s your morning MINDSET routine?

What do you do each morning to set yourself up mentally for the day ahead? Do you have that kind of morning practice established?

I don’t think many people do.

So, I want to challenge you this week. Over the next seven days, I want you to spend five minutes getting your mindset right before you start your day.

Now, don’t overcomplicate this. I know you’re busy.

But it’s as simple as changing what you think about when you’re brushing your teeth or in the shower.

It’s 5 minutes, every morning, that will change how you experience the rest of your day. Worth a shot, right?

So, how do you get started with a morning mindset regime?

It’s as simple as answering these questions each morning, maybe while you have a coffee or tea before the kids wake up, or maybe in the shower. Whenever. But I would encourage you to try and make these five minutes your own this week. Dedicating the time to yourself, without distraction, will be really important as you establish this routine.

The Questions:
Ask yourself each of these questions, and really answer them honestly.

What am I grateful for this morning?
Be specific in your answers! Don’t just say “my friends and family”, really think about the specifics i.e. “I’m grateful for my Mum helping me get ready before the open house” or “I’m really grateful for the way my partner always takes an interest in my day”.
Really allow yourself to FEEL the gratitude. Sounds woo-woo, but practising true gratitude is a game changer.

What am I looking forward to?
What are some things you’re excited about? Dinner with friends, an upcoming holiday, the weekend, a work conference?

What would make today great?
Note: it’s not what do I have to get done today. It’s asking yourself what one thing you could do today that would make your day awesome. Is it calling your best friend? Finishing off that major pitch? Buying a new plant?

Try answering those questions every morning over the next seven days. See what kind of impact it makes on how your day goes.

Now, it’s not magic. It’s not going to stop annoying, stressful or difficult situations from arising, but it will change how you deal with those situations.

A strong mindset won’t stop hard times from happening, but it will change how you handle them.Tweet it!

So maybe it is a little magic after all!

Alright, now I want to hear from you.

In the comments below, let me know:

  1. Something you’re grateful for
  2. Something you’re looking forward to

  3. What step you can take towards your goal today

?Let me know your answers, in the comments below.?

I’d really love to hear from you!

Turia x


  • Rebecca says:

    1. My mum showing her unconditional love for me

    2. Relaxing on holiday next week

    3. Try to be more positive as soon as I wake up ( struggling at the minute with a bout of depression)

  • Heidi says:

    Something you’re grateful for // my husband always try to make things better for us.
    Something you’re looking forward to // my kids getting back to school
    What step you can take towards your goal today // I don’t have any goals today. Is that bad?

  • Jodie says:

    I’m grateful for my Barista. He always puts a smile on my face, shares a fun story or gives me a chuckle even on my most shit of mornings.
    I’m grateful for my warm bed. I see many sleeping rough in the CBD and it kills me to think about it
    I’m grateful for my health. Wow without it I would really know it.
    I”m grateful to you Turia your instagram always gives me hope and perspective. So today I joined your blog subscribers and Im glad I did.

    I’m looking forward to a holiday. Going to book one this week.

    A step towards my goal today is keep avoiding junk food. It makes me feel crap and dirty. Sticking to clean food

  • Patty says:

    I’m gratefully to see another day! I’m looking forward to my nieces bridal shower this coming sat and spending with family …what would make today great would be getting all I set out to do done ✅

  • Jenny says:

    1. I’m grateful for my mum helping me with my shower and getting dressed because I have a physical disability that makes it difficult to do those things independently.

    2. I’m excited about the weekend and going out for dinner with my family to celebrate my birthday ?

    3. Today I am going to do my rehab exercises to stay on top of my goals and build strength and improve my mobility and function.

  • Chrissy says:

    5 minute morning positive mindset routine:

    What am I grateful for this morning?
    I am grateful for my bestie for bringing me some delicious vegetarian quiche and a biscuit yesterday for lunch and for her amazing offer to mind my baby so I can have some chill out time or rest!

    What am I looking forward to?
    I am looking forward to going to the Ashram with Kate this Sunday for meditation, yoga and lunch.

    What would make today great?
    Today is going to be great when I eat a bowl full of spaghetti Bol for dinner tonight followed by some yoga.

  • Arlene says:

    Today I’m grateful I saw Turia’s post on Instagram. I am feeling a bit low for no real reason, but the post resonated with me and spurred a positive change.

    I have recently moved states & had a new baby. Before this I was studying. I’ve missed the routine. I usually get up when the baby wakes, and leave my husband to organise the other two in the morning. I’ve just set my alarm to ensure I’m up and organised, but more importantly more present for the boys in the morning. And my husband. I’m looking forward to this.

    I’ll make sure I’m in bed earlier tonight so I don’t start tomorrow rocky and tired (more than normal!!). Alarm is set.

  • Great post! Agree with all that you’ve said Turia and have shared the post on my facebook page 🙂 (New Leaf Nutrition)

    Whilst I practice a lot of great mindset routines, it is always helpful to be reminded 🙂

    Thank you xo

  • Christen says:

    Thanks Turia! If I stop and think about it there are so many specific things I am thankful for, but if I didn’t try to identify them, they’d slip under the radar and I’d focus on negative things instead.
    So, I’m grateful for the face that my partner cooked last night and plans to tonight as well, freeing me up to do other things. Not having to think about a menu or having to spend the time cooking the meal gives me at least another half hour to my day…. even more! and tonight, because he’s cooking, I’m getting a massage!
    I’m looking forward to the weekend and in particular a 5km charity fun run with friends.
    A half hour lunch time workout helped me maintain my fitness for a massive stretch goal in a few months, which will be my first marathon. Eek!

  • I am greatful for my partner bringing me a decaf coffee in bed
    I am looking forward to going out with my youngest son today
    I am going to take my workbook with me to the park whilst he babysits a friends baby rather than come home and work in my own (freelancer) I have a deadline for a spoken word performance at a literary event I need to prepare for.

  • Cathy Seaholme says:

    Thanks Turia
    Just what I needed to read today – love it!
    I’m grateful that I am having a lovely rest near a beautiful beach, I am looking forward to another week of rest and relaxation before returning to work, and finishing reading Rushung Womens Syndrome today would make me feel great 🙂

  • Anu says:

    Grateful for a nice office space
    Looking forward to cuddles with my baby
    Cooking some home made dinner tonight would make the day great!

  • Good morning Turia and Warm Greetings from Romania!

    Thank you for your message.

    My answeer to your questeions are:
    1. What am I grateful for this morning?
    That I am alive, That the sun is on the sky even I cannot enjoy it anymore, that my mom is still alive and I have a great aunt that loves me so much and supports me always.
    2. What am I looking forward to?
    Since last Satuday I am almost all the time in bed. Yesterday was one of the awfull day in my life as there were two moments in which I thought I could really die(at 5 am and 2 pm). I pray to be well today to be able to attend Robert and Kim Kiyosaki webinar. Two books influenced my past and they were How to win friend and influence people by dale carangie and the other one was Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.
    3. What would make today great?
    I would love to be able to focus on reading a book. I want to read The Road Less Traveled and Byond by M. Scott Peck.
    Thank you for your advice.
    Keep in touch.
    Have a wonderful day.

  • Lesley says:

    Hi Turia. Thank you for being so real! I don’t think the benefit of being grateful can be overestimated. Today I am grateful for my beautiful, warm safe bed. I appreciate it every single time I climb into it. Xxx

  • Sara says:

    I love this blog post! I’m going to write out these 3 questions and stick them to the mirror in my bathroom so I can do it while I brush my teeth. I’ve tried to set a morning routine but never really stuck to it, I think this will work to get me motivated and set up for the day. I also need to practice gratitude more.

    1) I’m grateful that my best friend is spending tomorrow with me to brainstorm ideas about how to promote my new business and to also help with some of the admin work. She’s also proofreading my website so I can launch it.

    2) I’m looking forward to massaging a client tonight who is also a running buddy.

    3) Today I’m going to sort out my receipts for my accountant so I can finally tick that off my list. I’m also going to make a start on structuring my work day as I tend to procrastinate a lot (I work from home).

    • Lory says:

      I love this!❤ Thank you! I will post these questions on my mirror, too! Such a great way to start the day.
      1. I am grateful for all the love & support that surrounds me. My husband, who always encourages me to follow my dreams. My 3 boys, for their unconditional love, especially when I feel like a total failure as a mom.
      2. I am looking forward to having lunch with a very dear friend today who always makes me smile, laugh and feel totally connected. ?
      3. I will make a healthy dinner for my family, which will make today even better.

  • Sandra Cramb says:

    I am grateful for the amazing place we live in.
    Looking forward to another multi day hike in 2 weeks in the Yuraygir national park.

  • Trine says:

    Love this. Just what I needed for myself AND it inspired me to do a blogpost on a ritual that I already do have.

    I am grateful for the wonderful loving and supportive relationship I have with my man of 29 and a half years.

    Today I am looking forward to meeting two strong and interesting women in my network. One I have met before and I am in the process of figuring out what we can do for and with each other. The other I don’t know yet, but I reached out to her because I am in the process of learning to reach out and make myselv vulnerable – going from ego to spirit.

    I need to write two important mails today. One is about a job I am hired for in September and the other one is for my reformer pilates studio. as my membership is running out and I am about to lose a lot of classes because I lost track of how many I had used. AND I also need to send out two invoces today.

  • Caroline says:

    1) What am I grateful for this morning?
    That my sleep was sufficient enough for me to drag my sorry ass (I don’t mean my husband) out of bed to go for the 4.30am run/walk that sets me up for a great day.

    2)What am I looking forward to?
    The sunshine.

    3)What would make today great?
    That I make or help somebody to smile.

  • Nicola says:

    1) I’m grateful for my nan, I can call in and see her and she is always happy to have a chat and a laugh

    2) I am looking forward to the 24th of August as I am going out for dinner with my family to celebrate my 10 year milestone since having major emergency brain surgery!

    3) My goal is to finish uni, so today I attended my class, spoke in class as much as I could, asked some questions, did my homework, got ahead for next week and this week decided I’m now going to do a double minor 🙂

  • Astrida says:

    I’m a bit down at the moment and know I should be greatful for so many years hi gs but can’t believe hink of anything- here’s one: I’m great full I’m alive xxx

  • Astrida says:

    I’m a bit down at the moment and know I should be greatful for so many years hi gs but can’t think of anything- here’s one: I’m greatfull I’m alive xxx

  • Victoria Vaughan says:

    Hey, Turia! This blog post is amazing because I get to write down my thoughts, which makes them more permanent and more likely to create a strong mindset ??
    1. I’m grateful that I’m 7 days away from finishing my 5th semester of vet school! All that stands in my way is 4 finals which I’m going to kill ?
    2. I’m SO looking forward to my trip to South Africa in a week to work with wildlife and conservation animals. It’s going to be THE BEST experience.
    3. The big step I can take toward my goal today is to completely focus on studying. Surround myself with nothing that will disgrace me.
    THANK YOU for this awesome minset exercise!! I did it first thing when I woke up, and I think it really set the tone for my day to be fantastic and productive. Cheers ♥️

  • Lana says:

    1. My 2 year old has been throwing so many tantrums over the last couple of weeks. Tonight she seemed back to her happy self and I felt soooo grateful to see her smiling and playing well with her big sister.

    2. I am looking forward to completing a 15km run this week.

    3. I’m not going to stress about how much housework I get done but instead, enjoy my day at home with the girls. We will colour in, play footy and read some books xx

  • LeeAnne says:

    1. Today I am grateful I woke up in a positive mood and ready to tackle my day
    2. I look forward to Saturday as it’s parkrun day and I love catching up with my friends who run.
    3. My day is almost finished but I was lucky to get the opportunity to give plasma at the blood donor Centre. This always makes me feel good

  • Jason Connor says:

    My best advice is get off social media life is so much better without I’ve never felt so alive since giving it up
    I write a gratitude list everyday it has changed my life

  • Maria says:

    What am I grateful for this morning?
    I am grateful for having my aunt to talk to me last night about her day, its good to be around people that love you.

    What am I looking forward to?
    I am looking forward to my Charlotte trip with Danielle, and taking a road trip with hotel and car paid for

    What would make today great?
    Finishing my to-do list at work and really enjoy my one hour lunch break that I get once a week!

  • Beth says:

    1. I’m grateful that I had a huge, teary conversation with my husband last night. It was so necessary to put all the junk on the table and I am thankful for his openness to hear it and discuss.
    2. I’m looking forward to the kids going to their grandparents tonight so we can have date night seeing our city’s light shows.
    3. Today, my goal is to give my daughter some undivided, fun attention. I’m thinking a morning dance party would make today great!

  • Annabelle says:

    1. I am so grateful for having such amazing children that are so loving and whom make me so happy each day by just being their adorable selves
    2. I am looking forward to shopping with my daughter today
    3. I will begin my lap of Australia photo book today

  • Chloe says:

    Thank you! Wonderful blog post. I read this last night before bed so when I woke up I asked myself the questions.
    1, I am forever grateful for my beautiful 3yo twin boys and their unconditional love when I’m having a bad day.
    2, I am looking forward to catching up with family that are traveling to stay the weekend
    3, it would be a great day if my brother got told he didn’t have cancer ???

  • Kerry says:

    Thank you! I needed to read this so much right now. I’ve gotten stuck in a rut – even in some of the most incredible times of freedom in my life (I’m road tripping around the country!) Being alone on the road is incredibly liberating but also sometimes lonely, I’d stopped meditating and started worrying more about what comes next! So here’s my three for today… and I’m going to write these on paper and stick them up in my room everywhere I go!
    1. I’m grateful that today the weather is amazing, that yesterday I watched a pod of dolphins play for ages, then by chance stopped at a lookout and saw a whale breaching! I’m grateful that I’m housesitting in your town and know there’s a slight chance I may get to see you in person and say hello. I’m grateful that I’m able to travel and housesit for people. I’m grateful that I have random conversations with strangers and they all teach me something. I’m truly grateful for my life.
    2. I’m looking forward to a drive in the sunshine today to meet my next housesit, that I am meeting really lovely people in my travels and making incredible memories everyday.
    3. Today I’m going to soak up the sunshine and listen to great music and stop along the coast and see places I’ve never seen before, take photos and continue to make memories and enjoy every moment for what it is, for this is my life.

  • Sue evans says:

    I’m grateful for being healthy and we’ll

    I’m looking forward to getting back to exercising regularly tomorrow

    I’m planning to have my husband share the answers to these 3 questions every day

    Thank you lo ing being part of this community

  • Nanette says:

    I am grateful that I have warm clean clothes in this chilly weather.
    I am looking forward to my new garden bursting into Spring blooms.
    I am excited to continue on my running plan by going to the gym with my hubby today.

  • Kylie silverthorne says:

    I love this blog post also! And that making time in the morning is so important as I tend to forget.
    I’m grateful for having a friend that I can share my problems with and that she can share hers.
    I’m looking forward to moving into my new home in a months time
    I’m excited today we are going to start putting the gyprock on the ceiling! Closer to my dream!

  • I am grateful that the brain operation I have been waiting for 5 months now is next Monday. That will hopefully cure the daily epileptic seizures I am having.
    I am grateful my two young boys are doing their 10th Parkrun with me tomorrow.
    I am grateful for an awesome partner, family flying in from overseas and friends that are supporting me over this time.
    I am also grateful for all your useful tips!

  • Julie says:

    I do something similar every morning when I wake up, but I will tweak it and see how I go adding these questions.

    1. I am grateful that I got to have my beautiful granddaughter walk to me for the first time last night. She is only 10 months old!! so look out world, here she comes ☺
    2. I am looking forward to having lunch with my sisters and brother on Sunday. So blessed to have these wonderful people in my life.
    3. My goal is to finish everything on my list of things to do at work. It’s a little list, but it’s Friday and like to finish the week feeling that I have accomplished.

  • Sally says:

    I’m grateful for waking up in my own home, snuggling with my beautiful cat in sunny Brisbane.
    I’m looking forward to a hot shower & meeting lots of lovely guests at work. ( I work in a hotel).
    I’m excited about my upcoming trip to Europe!

  • Cheryl Curren says:

    I’m grateful for my job, which enables me to pay my mortgage and bills (& eat)
    I’m looking forward to my Queensland holiday in a week with my daughter for my nephews wedding
    Today my goal, when I finish work is to paint an old bedhead white and seal an old concrete bench.

  • Dirothy says:

    I am grateful for all that I have , a grest husband of 55 years, 3 sons who have become good caring men, and the frendship I have with them all. , I am grateful to have lived long enough to see my great grandchildren born.
    I’m grateful for my good health.
    There is so much to be grateful for.
    I’m looking forward to feeling my ggdaughters arms around my neck today, and her sloppy kisses ( shes 1 year old).and gorgeous.
    Today, I aim to try and be a better person than i was yesterdsy.and make as many people as I can feel good and important

  • Lauren says:

    I am grateful that I am recovering well from thyroid and lymph node surgery and that I can pick up and cuddle my 7 month old baby.
    I am looking forward to mums and bubs activities, spending time with friends, getting back into fitness and home renovations.
    I can work towards my goal of getting some part time work by looking for jobs, getting a friend to look over my CV and planning the best time to approach employers.

  • Pagi says:

    I am grateful that I am 49 years old and still have my parents who ring every morning just to see how I am
    I am grateful that I have lunch today with my brother and sister
    I am grateful that I have two beautiful kids who appreciate the little things I do for them

  • Jill Callan says:

    I’m super grateful to have met you, Michael, and your beautiful son at the airport in Hanalei. You’ve shed so much light on the mind trap I let myself fall into over things that feel so unimportant.

    Really looking forward to reading your book and sharing it with every female I know (and the few privileged males 🙂

    Today would be great if I stick to my nutrition plan so I can lose the extra lbs. I gained in Hanalei eating ice cream 🙂

    Thank you, Turia. You’re my new Shero.

  • Ellie says:

    1. I am grateful for the support of friends and my mum yesterday, they made a really hard day 100 times easier.

    2. I’m looking forward to making my new home really nice and having my own space.

    3. Eating clean healthy food and moving my body!

  • Melanie says:

    I am grateful that I have supportive people around me
    I am looking forward to going overseas for an internship I was selected for!
    I am going to make today great by going out for dinner with friends and going to a show after – a good study break that we all need.

    Thanks Turia for all your words, I am definitely grateful for your wisdom and openness.

  • Hannah Draper says:

    Thank you so much for this. I’ve decided to really start working on myself.
    1. I am grateful for my friends. Some of my friends in particular I really need right now and I’m trying to become more independent but I’m grateful they’re there as support.
    2. I am looking forward to eating some food, feeling fresh after a shower and exploring Whistler a little more.
    3. Today would be great if I found a really cool spot in nature, with the weather clearing up a little and me feeling good, happy and healthy.

  • Jess Barnes says:

    1. I am grateful for my beautiful healthy bubba who is about to turn two!

    2. I am looking forward to next weekend as we are having a weekend away for my birthday, with my husband and good friends.

    3. Today is great as it’s fathers day and I am going to cook an amazing dinner for my boys.

  • Hazel says:

    I’m grateful to be healthy!
    I’m excited to go to Drake concert with my guy!
    Go for a run and enjoy the chill weather!