The most expensive Christmas present I’ve ever bought

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About two years ago, I decided I was going to self publish my book Good Selfie.

I was so excited about the idea.

Now, my team, who are v. clever and v. wonderful, had cautiously suggested that I do a bit of planning first.

And, as a mining engineer, I love doing my due diligence.
So, I did some research, made a plan and got started.

But, I’ll admit it, that initial task list was pretty short.

I mean, the book was already written! All I needed to do was find an illustrator, get the files sent as a pdf over to a printer, and bing, bang, BOOM! I’d have a book.

Oh sweet, naive, past Turia.

Let’s fast forward to Christmas Eve, 2018.

I’d spent a long 10 months deep in the battle zone that publishing my book had become.

My simple task list had grown from finding an illustrator and a printer, to sourcing book designers, creating ISBN’s, having legal discussions about the rights, liaising with foreign banks and signing warehouse contracts and then trying to sort out container sizes for shipping my book.

But! The books were done! They were printed! And they were on a boat RIGHT NOW on their way to Sydney.


And then the phone rang.

I’ll remind you. 5pm on Christmas Eve.

It’s some bloke, down at the docks.

The books had arrived. Earlier than expected.

He tells me that the warehouse, where the books need to go, is closed and won’t open again until the new year.

8 days away.

And then he tells me that to keep them there at the dock will cost $1500 a day (which is a cool $12,000 if you’re playing at home), and that I’ll have to pay half right now otherwise they’ll be destroyed.

That’s right.

That’s the exact word he used.

All I wanted to do was throw the phone across the room, pour myself a glass of red wine, and cry.

But I couldn’t.

I had to deal with it. I had to find a way to tackle this challenge, head on.

Because that’s the thing with goals:
They’re never gonna be as smooth or as easy to achieve as you think, right?

You’ll be coasting along, making some progress here, dealing with a few setbacks there, when BAM! Out of nowhere comes this massive mountain of a challenge that you need to deal with.

I mean, you know this.

You’ve set goals for yourself before, and you’ve faced these challenges too.

Maybe you’ve found a way through most! But maybe there are some challenges and roadblocks that you just haven’t been able to overcome.

That’s OK.

It doesn’t mean you’ve failed at reaching your goals.
It just means you might need a little help! That’s a good thing!!!

This is exactly the sort of stuff I help people deal with in my goal-getting program School of Champions.


I share, in the words of one of my SOC-er’s, Karen: “Simple but powerful instructions, that if you follow them, REALLY WORK!”(Thanks Karen!)

There’s even a whole module dedicated to helping you break through the challenges standing between where you are now and where you want to be.

It’s good stuff.

And nothing makes me prouder than hearing how SOC has helped people get through those grinding, hard times to achieve their goal.

Like Juanita, who is just this week completing her goal of walking the Inca Trail to raise money for charity.

Juanita said that when she signed up, she was unfit, burnt out and susceptible to injury and dreaded asking people for money.

But now she says: “It has been hard, but rewarding work. But here I am ready for the walk, having raised $4,300 for the charity, having raised awareness of mental health in ways I never imagined and feeling more connected and alive than I’ve felt in the last 5 years.”

Nailed it Juanita!

So, if you’re currently a bit stuck working towards a goal that you really want, I can help.

And if you don’t know what you want, but you just feel like there is something more you wanna get out of your life, or a sense of confidence in your self that you wanna feel, I can help with that too.

My School of Champions will get you there.

Click this link to join us.

Turia x

PS – And yes, I did sort out the warehouse problem. And the book got released, and people love it, and I’m just SO proud of it!!! Because I worked so hard and I poured so much into it. Those challenges made the outcome sweeter. But, let’s be clear, it was definitely the most expensive Christmas present I’ve ever bought myself ???

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