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Turia Pitt and Marie Forleo

When I started my business, I had NO idea what I was doing.

And then I discovered Marie Forleo.

Her course B-School gave me the focus and direction I needed to get my business powering.

The doors to B-School are now open!

If you want to start, or build, a meaningful, profitable business,  you need to check this out:

This is my story….

At the age of 24, my life was drastically changed.

While competing in a 100km ultra marathon in the Australian outback in 2011, I encountered an out of control grassfire. Trapped by the flames, I suffered burns to 65% of my body.

Surviving against overwhelming odds, I’ve rebuilt my life and defied every expectation placed on me. I’m living proof that, with the right mindset, we truly can achieve anything

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Ready To Smash Your Biggest Goals?

With the right mindset, anything is possible!

Imagine having the confidence, resilience and self-belief that comes from actually achieving something that matters to you. That's exactly what you'll get inside the School of Champions.

Doors now open Get Started Today!

Turia is inspiring, intelligent, courageous, funny and takes the ‘never give up attitude’ to a whole new level!

Lorna Jane ClarksonFounder; Lorna Jane Active Wear
Lorna Jane Clarkson
November 1, 2018

Heaven ain’t hard to find…

January 30, 2020 in Practical Tips

How we’ll run my business while I’m on maternity leave

Got something a bit different for you today. I wanna take you “behind-the-scenes” of my business. Because I’m about to have a baby (sometime in the next couple of weeks) and I thought you might…
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January 6, 2020 in Uncategorized

A note from me

Fires had been raging up and down the South Coast for close to a month. People were evacuated from Bawley Point and Tabourie Lake. Milton was hit. Michael did food and supply runs in his…
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December 23, 2019 in General, Gratitude

A note to say thank you + a 2019 wrap up from me

It’s December 23. I say this, not because you asked me what the date was (I’m aware that you can make sense of a standard calendar) but because the team and I are about to…
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December 19, 2019 in Perspective

I’ve been feeling guilty

Ever since I had Hakavai, I’ve made a great new friend. Her name is Mother Guilt and, look, she’s an opinionated lass. She makes snide remarks when I serve up dinner (“You really should have…
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