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School of Champions

My seven-step guide to getting unstuck,
ditching your excuses,
and making things happen.

Hi there, I’m Turia

In 2011, I was caught in a grassfire and suffered burns to 65% of my body. Surviving against overwhelming odds, I’ve rebuilt my life and defied every expectation placed on me.  I’m living proof that, with the right mindset, we truly can achieve anything. Through my books, online programs and events, I provide the tools to help you step outside of your comfort zones, kick big goals and transform your life.

Road to Kona
October 14, 2016

I did it!

I really feel so bloody proud of myself! The race was so brutal, and I’m totally ecstatic to have finished. It was definitely one of the hardest things I’ve taken on – the wild heat,…
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February 8, 2018

Not feeling very motivated? You need to watch this.

Hey champ, I wanna chat to you about motivation. See, at this time of year, I start to get a lot of questions about how I stay motivated. Questions like this one, from Jenna: "Turia, it’s…
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Thoughts and Musings
February 14, 2018

Are you trying to be the best?

Hey champ, I’m gonna admit something - and maybe it will make me sound a bit arrogant - but I’ve always liked the idea of being “the best”. It’s always been a really powerful motivator for…
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Turia Pitt is one of the most vibrant and inspiring young women I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Her zest for life, humility, sense of humour and passion shine so brightly. I am blown away by her courage and selflessness dedicating herself to charity and the lives of others. She is fiercely determined and an incredible speaker, but also so warm and generous with her time. I am so humbled to know Turia and will be forever in awe of her achievements at such a young age.

Annabelle ChauncyFounder, School for Life

Turia Pitt is the strongest person I know. She's also smart, tough, funny and forthright.

Michael Usher 60 Minutes

Turia Pitt is fierce. Fiercely brave. Fiercely confident. Fiercely determined. Fiercely funny. In the time I've known her, she's taught me everything about what it means to be a woman who knows her worth and who rates her value, inside and out. The word inspirational is an overused one. Not in this case. Meeting Turia and talking to her left me awe-struck.

Mia FreedmanFounder, Mamamia

Turia has so many of the qualities I love and admire. She’s inspiring, intelligent, courageous, funny and takes the ‘never give up attitude’ to a whole new level! Her passion for life is contagious and I consider myself extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to get to know this truly amazing woman.

Lorna Jane Clarkson Lorna Jane Founder and Active Living Advocate

Inspiring is a word that's thrown around a lot these days. But I challenge anyone to spend even the tiniest amount of time in the company of Turia Pitt and not come away determined to make more of their life.

Bryce Corbett


School of Champions

Unmask Your Potential


Basically a bunch of pics of me staring sultrily at no one in particular. Obviously, you’ll want to follow along!

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